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    No WTF was created for olympics but in korea(if i remember rite), korean govt wanted to use TKD as a sport in olympic which was against Gen's phylosophies, so he went his own way... then he created ITF TKD
    WTF hav more influence from GM Kim soom(something like that) he created/helped with most of WTF forms.
    there's big difference in WTF and ITF. from rules point of view.
    like WTF uses point sparring but ITF does continous
    WTF uses lots of pads but ITF doesn't use except for groin gaurd n gloves/shin pads
    but they r more like sweeping generalisation of both arts

    Labatt seriously speaking u don't wanna know much about all these policitcs invovled, it's just too much headache n when u'll know u want to forget about it...
    practice ur TKD from ur heart that's the only thing matters.
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    Just in addition to TKDwarrior,
    WTF was spawned from the KTA (Korean Taekwondo Association) in 1973, same year that the Kukkiwon was spawned from the KTA all done in Korea. The KTA predates the ITF however Gen Choi did have quite an influence in the creation of the KTA as well as the ITF. Before he left the KTA he was the president of that particular association.

    The USTU (United States Taekwondo Union) Is a big player in the sport aspect of TKD which could be why craigwarren thought the WTF was created in the states. But the power of the organization still falls mainly in Korea.

    As for politics, those are only for people who wish to partake in them. I am part of a non political association only becuase I choose not to take part in the politics of running it. (WTF/Kukkiwon/and WTF Canada which all have tons of politics)
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    Im from Canada. And even if it would give me a headache, I would like to know if you don't mind.

    BTW, Our Black Belts, actually HAVE To learn the Original Patterns. Grand Master Byung Lee, 9th dan, changed it so it is a must to pass testings.
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    I'm not saying I don't know about the politics going on, I'm just saying that I choose not to take part in the political jockeying that happens in the organizations. I'm a voting member of my provincial organization and I do make sure I know what's going on to make an educated vote at meetings and such, but I vote for what I feel is best for the development and art, not for who I want to impress or who I think needs the support.
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    General Choi was a fantastic man. He was one of those people with a real aura about him. As a Martial Artist he was an amazing example to us all. From his 'party trick' of putting his glowing red cigar out on the callous on his knuckle, to his phenominal body conditioning, making plaster fall from the roof of ITF main Dojang conditioning outer forearm against a concrete pillar!
    Alot of people have wondered whats going to happen to ITF since his death. The generals last wishes were for Chang Un to take over as president, however alot of question marks surround this & his & the North Koreans claim is unconstitutional, & he is very unlikely to be voted in! The Generals son has started a rival ITF organisation, but I certainly wouldn't want to be under him as in my opinion his personal 'attributes' leave alot to be desired.
    Mr McClelland is doing a great job at the moment, & from what I've heard is a very nice man.
    Ive just been on the latest international course with the masters that ITF have appointed to run the International Instructors courses. The course was excellent, & I can say with conviction tht Masters Bos, Tratjenburg, Marano & Tran were fantastic & have a real feel for where ITF TaeKwon-Do should develop next. The future is bright & from feeling unsure about the future, now Im really buzzed up.
    WTF, ITF or whatever style, we're all in the Martial Arts together.
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    This is something that we have talked about in here many times. Some night when you get the time, just read over the TKD section. There are a lot of info in here about what you wnat to know. I know there are a lot of posts but its worth it.

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