Genbukan Chugoku Kenpo.

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    Finally, some actual posts that are worth something!

    It's too bad that so many people on these boards hate certain instructors so much that it imbalances them mentally to the point where they feel the need to interfere with and disrupt an honest question that's not necessarily even asked directly of them.

    I know it's not controversial. I was curious about what it was and how it varied from Baguazhang in a more general sense (technique, the nature of the "interpretation", etc.)

    What is your baguazhang background, Malcolm Sheppar? Would you mind explaining what's odd about it? (I'm asking the question as someone who knows nothing of baguazhang.)

    Oh ok. Is the video one of other students of Mr. Kinbei?
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    My background is in Yang taijiquan and xingyi, so I can't speak with bagua-specific knowledge (though I've seen it performed), but internal martial arts concentrate on continuous motion and a particular coiling and uncoiling in the core. I don't know if what I saw was good or bad, really, but you don't often see this kind of start-stop format. It's not that it's *never* there, but it doesn't look exactly like what you'd see in a native CMA. This isn't unusual for CMA when it's exported, though. Taikiken started as Yiquan, but it doesn't look exactly like Yiquan anymore either. And of course, karate doesn't look like the Fujianese martial arts that are a part of its background.
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    Tanemura Sensei studied Chinese martial arts from Sato Kinbei Sensei, Sato Sensei studied many different Chinese martial arts. In the Genbukan our lineage is via the above mentioned and Li Zi Ming Sensei.

    The Chugoku Kenpo teachings have a sheet listing the techniques for section one on the Genbukan Honbu website. It contains different Kiko or imperial Chi Kung postures, nei kung circle walking, including the basic 8 changes, etc, also whats caled Kinnajutsu or Chi na, techniques are also included.

    Tanemura Sensei originally went to Sato Kinbei Sensei to study Japanese arts passed down from Takamatsu Sensei. Sato Sensei made Tanemura Sensei study the Chinese arts before he would teach him the other arts, such as Gikan Ryu, Hontai Takagi Yoshin ryu and others. He was not allowed to take any notes when being taught by Sato Sensei. Tanemura Sensei had to study the patterns for many years, and he is very good at them.

    The Chugoku Kenpo is a part of the KJJR, Kokusai Jujutsu Renmei organization. In Genbukan Kobudo, there are many different arts, Ninpo, Jujutsu, Chinese martial arts, etc. Most students that I know of that are higher level study everything Sensei has to offer and not just one piece.

    At the hombu Dojo in Japan usually Sundays are set aside for Chinese martial arts and it is a seperate class from Ninpo or Jujutsu, or Weapons.
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    Is this guy banned yet?

    How is he allowed to post like this??!!

    You have absolutely NO idea what you are talking about in the slightest. You know absolutely nothing of the Genbukan or of Tanemura soke, and yet you speak like your ill-informed (what exactly were you informed of, and by who by the way?) like it is fact, or even widely accepted.

    Nobody thinks that anything Tanemura soke teaches is fake or "BS".

    Yohan and the rest dont even grasp the basic of concept that "kenpo" in america and the kenpo Tanemura soke teaches ARENT EVEN RELATED.

    Jesus eff Christ people, get a god damn clue.

    As for the OT:

    I have also personally studied Tanemura soke's Hakkesho, and there is nothing "BS" about it. From what I can remember, I'm pretty sure Tanemura sensei is still a student of various Chinese masters and continues to train with them now.

    Here is his former teacher I believe:

    [ame=""]Li Ziming (1900-1993) - YouTube[/ame]
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    You ARE the weakest link. Good bye.
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    i do... and i've met him
    [with m. coleman (one of the teachers i refered to that shold be judged on his merits not his lineage) in milwakee WI]

    Removed.... you do not know me... have not trained with me and my post was general about poor teachers... which... i "respectfully" happen to think yours is one.
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    Is some of the confusion here due to the use of the word "Kempo", which the Japanese use as a generic term for "martial arts" but which westerners use for a specific martial art?
  8. Banpen Fugyo

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  9. shaolin_hendrix

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    From all the Kenpo I've seen, the Chugoku system is easily my favorite.

    The Kempo and Jujutsu systems offered by the Genbukan system have impressed me a lot more than the Ninpo they offer.
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    You do grasp that their "kenpo/kempo" is Pa Kua, and not at all related to what is commonly referred to as Kenpo -(ie Parker,Tracey,etc)- here in the US ?
  11. shaolin_hendrix

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    Do you grasp the fact that not all kenpo in the US is the style dubbed "American Kenpo"? American Kenpo is one style of kenpo. It's no more of a style than Shorin Kenpo or Chugoku Kenpo for that matter. Kenpo refers to Chinese martial arts in japan. Some styles of kenpo are the Japanese interpretation or adaptation of Chinese styles, some are mixes of Chinese and Japanese styles, and some are literally just Chinese martial arts taught in Japan or by Japanese teachers.

    Now get off your high horse and stop being so condescending.
  12. El Medico

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    Geez, take it easy.

    Just didn't know, as the thread was so long if you had read the whole thing and picked that up.

    Yes, I'm quite aware that there are many things referred to as kenpo/kempo-hence my use of the word "commonly".Evidently something you missed in favor of taking umbrage.

    And I'm really not the condescending type.Don't look too hard for what's not there.Or did the word "grasp" imply to you that I was insinuating you were dim?I assure you it wasn't meant that way.
  13. shaolin_hendrix

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    LOL whatever you say
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    Thats why I like this forum - you guys can sort things out without Mod assistance - these sorta misunderstandings happen a lot on the web and your behaviour is a GOOD example to us all - well done for being so upfront and mature about it :)
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    Actually, I felt that a reply of " LOL whatever you say " was rather,,,,,, what's the word.Oh yeah!Condescending.

    But thanks anyway.

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