Gary newlove murder

Discussion in 'Off Topic Area' started by Tommy-2guns..., Aug 14, 2007.

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    just thought id put this story up as the man showed great bravery in confronting the gang who were attacking his property,its sick that these people would beat a man to death when so obviously in the wrong and its even worse that some of them are just 15,id have the eejits shot but thats just me.

    Two 15 year old boys and a 16 year old boy have been charged with his murder today.

    Many streets have gangs like this now,it just suprises me that things like this happen so often now and so openly. verry good man to stand up for himself and his property,its just a shame the state things are at the moment.

    I hope those boys get the the jail time of an adult and no less, them being under age shouldnt be an issue i feel,if your old enough to do it, your old enough to face the punihsment for it,
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    That is some sad, sad stuff.

    It makes me wonder if we always had violence of this sort (I suspect we did) or if it's just that now we have sooooo much 'news' and media available to us that we're more aware of it? :confused:

    Maybe it's just that the nature of the violence has shifted? Or maybe the younger generations really do have an FTW mentality that is far beyond what they had when I was a kid... err... which wasn't that long ago really.

    I have a habit of quickly flipping through about 10 different papers to catch the news on a daily basis. If the amount of violence out there that is reported is for arguments sake less than 10% of the violence that occurs... then it's not the warm fuzzy world that we think it is. :(
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    When I read stuff like that my initial gut reaction is to want vigilante justice to wipe this kind of scum off our streets.

    My head tells me that it isn't the answer and would probably just casue more problems than it would solve, but if things like this are anything more than very rare and isolated incidents - if they really are part of a growing trend - then surely something has to be done to make our streets safer.

    But have we any (legal) solutions which won't involve the taxpayers/ratepayers footing the bill? Because you can bet that everyone wants something done, but wants lower taxes at the same time, just like with every other problem in this country. No one wants to pay for it.

    Rant over.

    RIP Garry Newlove. What a senseless waste of a life.

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