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Discussion in 'Kung Fu' started by rojier, Apr 30, 2004.

  1. rojier

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    Yo I know I have written this before but no answered in the forum...

    Yo I'm going on a gap year and I have 4 months free, I'm looking for an authentic hardcore kungfu school I can go to in China and train all day everyday, (one of those 5 in the morning to 9 places), I'm looking for a style like Northern shaolin that incorporates a lot of high kicks. Can anyone help????? p.s (i don't speak madarin either )
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  3. rojier

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    thx anymore??
  4. Dragonfist

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    sorry, i don't know anymore. just found it by accident. So did you go check it out?
  5. jroe52

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    william cheung from australia might still teach a wing chun course like this. he is the grandmaster of his lineage, it would be an awesome experience if one was so lucky.
  6. never

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    I would love for this kind of oppertunity. Oh well, theres always the future. :)
  7. rojier

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    That site is alright, it's not the style I wanna learn tho. It is a bit touristy but anyway, I checked out which seems alright also I'm looking into a really cheap school north of hong kong
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    Shaolin Kung Fu School

    I know just the school: have a look at - comes highly recommended.
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  10. forever young

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    holy thread necro batman!!!!! This Question was asked in 2004 people ......TWO THOUSAND AND FOUR!!!!!!!!!
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    So I wonder how the gap year went ;)
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