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  1. Knee Rider

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    found thispromotion this morning.

    looks like an emergent promotion which aims to provide a ruleset that allows a variety of styles to play to their respective strengths. the level of fighters seems low -average rather than high and definitley they have some guys on the cards who are completely unprepared for the fight, however the staging and presentation is cool and it reminds me of old school snk/capcom beat-em-ups: it's pretty entertaining.

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  2. hewho

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    Love the smoke effect!! Could be some entertainment here :D
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  3. axelb

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    Interesting setup. The last guy has some great long range timing and distancing.

    The smoke effect is great :D

    I'm not entirely sure what the ruleset was, but it seemed to be timed in the clinch or on ground, looks entertaining.
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