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    Siphus what system do you practice??? Becasue it doesn't say anything in your profile.

  2. Ninja*Rina

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    I don't want to change, I love Ninjutsu, can't get enough, however I've only been doing it for about 8 weeks so I guess its not that bad, arrgh! :bang:
  3. Pat OMalley

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    Jeez your just a baby, keep in there and if you have the same problem in a couple of years then change to something else.

    To many people what good results over night, hence the rise of the Mc Dojo which tells you you have good results but lies, real MA takes years to get it right.

    patients my freind, good things come to those who wait.


  4. Banpen Fugyo

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    Genbukan Ninpo Bugei.
  5. Still Waters

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    A couple of questions first.

    1. Do you understand what the instructor tells you to do?
    2. By not getting it, do you mean not getting it perfectly correct as opposed to not being able to remember or reproduce vaguely what you have been told?
    3. What does your instructor think of your progress?

    If the answers to 1. and 2. are both yes, relax your doing okay. No one should expect perfect form and positioning at the beginning and sometimes it takes a while. Ask for advice on how to improve your movements if you are worried.

    In some ways question 3 is the most important. If he says you are doing fine, or it takes time trust him and don't worry about the others in your class being impatient if you are doing it slow. Slow and trying for good form is what you should be doing as a beginner

    I have problems getting some techniques myself. Just practice and ask for advice. You may start out getting it 1 time in 10, then down to 1 in 5 , then over time to 1 in 2, 2 in 3 then most of the time. As you practice more the movements will become more natural and you will learn how to move your body for that particular technique.

    If you are having problems remembering a sequence of moves get it written down and memorize it. That way when you are doing that sequence in class you can concentrate on how to do the moves rather than worrying about what comes next.

    If you are like me, even with the best intentions, things sometimes go in one ear and out the other but if I see it written down step by step it sticks with me.
  6. tel

    tel absorb what is useful for


    rina. normally takes me few times of going to get some thing,so best thing to do is keeping trying it,your get it in time,just have fun learning
  7. Ninja*Rina

    Ninja*Rina Bint Biter

    well, I have fun in the class itself, its just the techniques, they just drive me nuts, but this guy told me that it took him like 6 months to get some techniques, so maybe I just have to wait and see what happens.
  8. David Field

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    its just time, don't worry...

    i'm like that it takes me ages to learn something new but when i learn it it sticks.

    cherish your white belt/red belt days beacuse really you cant go wrong, 8 weeks is not long at all. just train don't try to force your training it will come naturally, trust me i'm a doctor(well i'm not but i've always wanted to say that!)

    if you have any questions just matter how simple and sometimes is just time that will provide the answers.

    have fun :)
  9. Munen Mushin

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    Everyone starts at the same place, from the basics. Some people grasp things quicker than others. Don't worry about the others just worry about yourself. Try to take the tech. in your head and break it down, do this until you can see yourself doing it perfectly. If your mind can see it then your body can follow it easier. Remember perfection comes with a lot of time and practice.

  10. xen

    xen insanity by design

    i have this conversation with alot of people from our dojo and I always say the same thing;

    if ninjutsu/MA were easy they wouldn't take a lifetime to master

    focus less on 'getting' a particular technique and more on understanding how your body moves and what movements you find easy

    from here you will start to increase your self-awareness and over time you will begin to 'get' more and more of the techniques.

    some lucky people get it straight away, most of us have felt like you many, many times

    if your having fun your already more than half way there, just keep going!!

    re; communication, don't just ask advice from the black-belts, ask people who are just a few grades ahead of you as they will have been having similar problems more recently than your instructors.

    More experienced practitioners can sometimes forget what it is like not to 'get' it, but it will still be fresh in the minds of lower grades.
  11. medi

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    It's simple: You suck. Maybe you should take up something more suitable for girls, like knitting.

  12. medi

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    8 weeks isn't very long at all. Keep trying and for the love of god don't be embarrassed to ask your instructor to show you 500 times if that's what you need. Remember you are paying for the instruction, you are entitled to be instructed until you get it.
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  13. Ninja*Rina

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    Thanks for your help guys, esp you Xenmaster, its nice to hear from someone in the same organisation giving advice and stuff.

    medi - your gonna diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie :woo:
  14. blondieninja

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    Hey people - registered just to reply to this thread! Rina I'm also a blonde, forgetful ninja type, takes me ages to get anything in class and I've been doing Ninjutsu for more than two years now :eek: Still I couldn't care less cos I enjoy it, and sure everything goes into the head eventually! I can honestly say that you've nothing to worry about after 8 weeks - you can start to feel concerned at 8 months if you still cant get the basic moves :)

    Oh yeah I agree with what the others said, don't ever be scared to ask someone to show you something again. Even if you don't want to disturb the instructor you can still ask one of the red or green belts. If you're really having problems try seperating the technique down in seperate stages, and then just concentrate on learning each stage. Good luck anyway[​IMG]
  15. MerKaBa

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    To an extent. I personally bel;ieve there is a perfect style for each person, but by the way Ninja*Rina posts, I think ninjutsu is probably her style, she just hasn't settled in yet.

    He has a big Genbukan wheel for an avatar, so it's a safe bet he's a Ninpo practicioner himself ;)

    Anyway, my advice to Ninja*Rina is to start meditating more. Clear your mind so nothing blocks you up when you go in to learn. Whenever I get stuck on a move 100% of the time it's because I'm not totally focused (overthinking can hinder your focus as well), and 100% of the time meditating helps ;)
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    Frustration leads to more problems. In analogy, have you ever worked on a math problem and could not get it. ythe more frustrated you become, the less you had chance to understand it. then, after working on ion and taking breaks, working on it again,,,,then alas, the answer was there and easy....
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    Is your keyboard broken or missing a few letters or something?
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    That's just wrong.
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    wrong what

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