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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by Frodocious, Aug 28, 2011.

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    Hamstring is still grumbly. I may need to go back for more physio, I'm working round it (or ignoring it)


    Upper body bench session


    Upper body OHP session

    Both these sessions are using a 5/3/1 based template


    0.5hr private riding lesson. I've started having lessons again after a 30 year break! I don't remember it being this much like hard work! My balance and stability need working on, but on the whole I'm not to upset with where I'm at skill wise. :)
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    Hamstring is gradually healing. I am easing back into lower body strength work and upping the cardio a bit. I have to be careful with walking or running too far, as this is what seem to set it off again. I'm currently doing 2 upper body and 1 lower body strength sessions a week, along with some cycling and easy, slow jogging. I've also been doing a bouldering course on Friday evenings.
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    Random update time...

    Currently rethinking my training plan as I want to go bouldering more frequently. My stupid shoulders won't handle that as well as a lot of upper body stuff, so I'm going to plan a new routine this weekend. I'll probably drop some of the upper body pressing stuff and/or substitute other exercises e.g. landmine presses instead of OHPs. My fingers are currently suffering from ripped calluses after a boulder session last weekend. Obviously these will toughen up as I do more, but at the moment 'OUCH'!
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    OK, I need to get much better at updating this log...

    So here goes...

    Saturday 13/07/19

    Got up to do my bike interval session (on my turbo trainer), but my neighbour was burning stuff in his back garden and the smoke was blowing into my shed. Decided to give it a miss, as I didn't want to be breathing in all that smoke.

    Wimped out on my evening run as I just didn't have the energy. Did a 2.5 mile walk though, so not a dead loss.

    Sunday 14/07/19

    AM cycle interval session - 30 mins

    Warm up

    40 secs hard / 20 secs recovery x7

    5 mins recovery

    40 secs hard / 20 secs recovery x6

    Cool down

    Barbell complex
    Back squat x5
    Deadlift x 5
    Bent over row x 5
    Hang power clean x 5
    Push press x5
    Back Squat x5

    Later on I moved the lawn. As we only have smallish grassed area so I bought a manual lawnmower, so this counts as a workout!

    Bouldering - 1hr 45 mins

    Currently ignoring my hernia and hoping the exercise doesn't make it worse, but if it does, I might push for surgery as I really don't want to give up the sports I enjoy.
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