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Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by GoldShifter, Mar 19, 2017.

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    I'm so happy to start frequenting these forums again. I started attending Muay Thai classes. I recently got my 3rd degree in Kajukenbo, so I spoke with my instructor about expanding my skills and I told him about this Muay Thai place near my university and he was very open to the concept. Anyway ... That's an update on me. I kinda quit playing rugby, I love the game but not the team at the moment.

    Muay Thai was like a breath of fresh air. We had some past black belts move onto Muay Thai, and they came back and taught us some of the basic stuff, which I incorporated into my personal style. It was entertaining being that new kid on the block again. Mainly because it was entertaining being told to keep my hands up. Helped me notice the bad habits I was carrying. I used to tell my students, always keep your hands up and they would look at me in annoyance. Personally, I have fairly decent head movement and hand speed to get the blocks up in time so I keep my hands low so I have a full field of vision. I understand where the instructors at the class are coming from since I was the same way back when I taught, so I complied and all that good stuff. They asked me if I had any past experience because this was a beginners class and I guess I wasn't too beginner enough. I told them I did Kajukenbo for a while, and they said "oh okay, kenpo. Got it." *insert Rebel Wado and I going into a fit of frustration*

    Sorry if this sounds like a humble brag, I'm just so excited to start getting back into the martial arts after being away for so long. (I stopped daily training at the school when I entered university again... I trained over the summer. I did some weekend training sessions but that's it.) I'm trying to keep my head down and learning what I can during class, I'm being that one feces head that spouts off to the instructor. These instructors are qualified and have a lot of experience.

    Sorry.... way too excited. Did not mean to come off as pretentious or something, just wanted to give an update on how life is going on my end. I've missed y'all.
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    Cool, have fun and welcome back!
  3. Mitch

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    Glad you're still enjoying your training :)
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    Hey dear friends, i allways admire ppl who practice diferent asian martial arts, soon want to try it too, hope will get it done!

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