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    ok im pretty bored, so heres a fun little question...

    if you could create your perfect fighter from the current cream of k-1 fighters, what "bits" would you choose?

    punches- mike zambidis, no question. that guy hits like a train, has weirdly long arms for his short stature, and is FAST.

    front leg- buakaw. he can use his front leg roundhouse and teep like nobody else. insane speed.

    rear leg- Aerts , of course :D but if i keep to the lightweight theme, id go with chopper chapman. they dont call him chopper for nothing, as Arslan found out fairly painfully.

    knees- buakaw again, kohi is no amateur when it comes to the clinch and knee game, but even he was helpless against buakaw. might have to steal zambidis jumping knee though.

    chin- split between zambidis and buakaw... zam has never been knocked out in his k-1 career, or knocked down as far as i know. however buakaw has taken some king hits from people and kept going... took a perfectly landed hook from masato and was only stunned for about half a second.

    body- gotta be masato, he has the perfec kickboxer body and can take unusual and disturbing amounts of punishment
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    Techniques and traits from different fighters to create the most efficient:

    Low kick- A great choice would be Hoost's in his golden years. That low kick to end a combination would leave most fighters finished... few could counter.

    Jaw- Mark Hunt. This guy has taken incredible hits to the head and still kept going.

    "Evasive manuevers"- Kaoklai. This guy dodges hits like no one else. Due to his speed, renowned fighters like Moe, Bernardo, and Ignashov have been put to shame.

    High kick- Crocop's left high kick for the power. Crocop's left leg kick is like being hit like a truck... or so many fighters say.

    Knees- Bonjasky. Most of his knockouts have happened in this manner. Other fighters in the category are not as fond of them. Maybe ignashov but he is passing through an all time low in his career.

    Clinch- Even though not a heavy, few have skills in the clinch comparable to Baukaw's.

    Effective Flashy Kicking: The former Andy Hug with his axe kick would, of course, take it all in this category.

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