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    Lee - nope!
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    Elvis had an 8th Dan in Kenpo as I recall. I believe it was an honarary Black belt he got, mostly to publicise Kenpo.

    Ask Andrew Green, he should know ;)
  3. Infesticon #1

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    wow, I never knew the king was an MA'er
  4. Guy Mendiola

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    There was a pic on the net where it showed Elvis with a gi and a bb.
  5. Markism

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    Surely there are fighters still alive that fought in the kumite that Dux claims to have fought in. Surely they would have come forward.
    If people say they won't because of the whole secrecy thing, why has Dux come forward?
    Surely if it is a dishonorable thing to talk about the Kumite why would Dux violate that honor just to make himself more famous if the Kumite means to him what he claims it does.

    Btw This is not a "Was Elvis a martial artist?" thread
  6. TM77

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    blue suede gi

    There was a movie put out, back in the early 70s I think, that followed Elvis on tour. At one point onstage, Elvis showed off some karate moves with one of his bandmates. And he also stated that the white jumpsuit he wore was influenced by the karate gi.
  7. alexxlea

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    That was a jumpsuit???
    I always thought it was a gi.
  8. Guy Mendiola

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    Yeah, I agree but I mean like it's says in the movie "Bloodsport", It's kept a secret but i'm sure it's very popular in China but not that well disscussed there, I also agree with the fighters in the Kumite that maybe Dux competed in but maybe not necessiraly won the Kumite but at least got to the top.
  9. Knight_Errant

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  10. Kagebushi

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    i'd like to see what Hatsumi, Tanemura, or Manaka has to say about dux. that would pretty much be decisive on whether or not it's ninjutsu. (im pretty sure already). as for his skill, well, he'll have to be in a few documented fights. of course, some people really have been in a lot of real fights (often to the death) and never been defeated. Musashi had about 200. ive heard that Toshitsugu Takamatsu was in over 1000 (big dojo storming days) but im not sure. i know he was in quite a few.
  11. Knight_Errant

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    does that link work for everyone else, or is my computer on the blink?
  12. K_Coffin

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    Doesn't work for my computer either. Try again, I'd like to read it if I could. In my opinion though, I would say that Dux doesn't sound too honorable, or supernatural. I'm sure he's an excellent fighter, very skilled from years of fights. I'm sure he's a very capable leader. But it sounds like he's fabricated quite a bit, from his "Military Career" to his "Koga Ryu Ninjutsu". Personally, I don't really care. But as to Musashi, to his own admittance, I've only ever heard that he was in 60 duels, all fatal, obviously all won by Musashi.
  13. alexxlea

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    Not all of his duels were fatal.
  14. Kagebushi

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    i read it in some samurai book that pretty much outlines the samurai philosophy (supposedly) i dont remember the title though, it was my cousins book.
  15. Kagebushi

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    oh yeah, i also heard that he used a bokken or sakabato for a while, so i'd say not ALL of his duels ended up being fatal.(if its true)
  16. Nevada_MO_Guy

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    Dux's notoriety was just heating up when he sued the man who portrayed him, Jean Claude Van Damme, in October 1998. Van Damme and Dux were friends--after all, it was the role of Frank Dux that catapulted Van Damme to stardom. Dux was even dating Van Damme's sister-in-law.
  17. Hannibal

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    In all the "is he/isn't he" hubub I am surprised at a couple of factors that cannot be avoided:

    1) Dux clearly IS a liar, as his military record (or rather lack thereof) demonstrates. No matter how "nice a guy" he seems if you meet him, he is a liar and has done it for no reason but self-promotion and profit.

    2) Can he fight? Having never met him I cannot say for sure. But it should be pointed out that at UFC 1 he tried to "jump" Zane Frazier from behind (not exactly honourable in itself). Zane was less than impressed and flattened him with little effort. If Dux was so good I find it laughable that he would fail in an ambush attack on an individual who then went on to get panned in a Vale Tudo match. Looking at the evidence from this angle is highly suggestive of a lack of fighting competence.

    Also, why would a secret tournament in China (Hong Kong) be called a "Kumite". That's Japanese for flip's sake!
  18. Knight_Errant

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    Come to think of it... :D
    K guys, I couldn't find a link that worked, but I did find a transcript. Man, I love forums.
  19. Kwajman

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    MOH awardees are never kept secret anyway. The intelligence services have their own awards however, that for obvious reasons are kept from the public.
  20. holbrookrwh

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    I did a google search on Frank Dux this is what came up for you non-believers on Frank Dux


    Hanshi Frank Dux founded Dux Ryu, the first American system of ninjitsu. Although Dux Ryu is rooted in traditional ninjitsu, experience in no-holds-barred competitions forced Hanshi Dux to adapt, improvise, and change his fighting in order to dominate in his fights. His system of triangulation and angles-of-attack helped him defeat traditional linear or circular movement styles. Hanshi Dux was the 1975-1980 World Heavy Weight Kumite champion and is the holder of 16 world speed and power records. He is a qualified instructor in 22 disciplines and was the inspiration for the movie "Bloodsport." In 1993, he became a "Knight Chevalier" in the Miami Police Hall of Fame; he has also been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Hanshi Dux is a co-author/ contributor for the U.S. Navy Seals Special Operations Manual.

    Dux Ryu Ninjitsu
    8306 Wilshire Blvd. #85
    Beverly Hills, CA 91212

    Frank Dux poses for a photo with About Guide James Hom. (click for larger photo)

    More of this Feature
    • Part 1: Meet Frank Dux
    • Part 2: Controversy
    • Part 3: Van Damme Lawsuit
    • Part 4: Dux Ryu

    Elsewhere on the Web
    • CourtTV: Dux vs. Van Damme
    • Dux, Dux, Goose
    • POV Magazine: Dux vs. Van Damme

    Colorful Character

    Regardless of what's true or false about Frank Dux, the guy is definitely a colorful character. Some of his claims do sound far-fetched: contributions to the Navy SEAL SpecWar manual, world records for breaking bulletproof glass, his exploits as a spy depicted in his book "The Secret Man". Yet a lot of what's true speaks volumes: a comeback from brain surgery and coma, and legions of loyal students.

    The controversy surrounding Dux reminds me of that surrounding Dr. Maung Gyi, grandmaster of bando, the martial art of Burma (now Myanmar). Gyi is under fire for falsifying his military record, similar to the allegations brought against Dux. Another famous martial artist and movie star, aikidoist Steven Seagal, has been known to claim affiliation with the CIA and a history of secret missions in shadowy lands.

    Perhaps the best way to evaluate these martial artists is on their merits as martial artists. All three are responsible for endowing multitudes of students with martial knowledge. The instructors and students of Dux Ryu that I've met, both in person and online, share a zeal for their support of Dux and his style of ninjitsu.

    Dux ryu itself is/isn't considered a legitimate branch of ninjitsu/ninjutsu, depending upon who you talk to. From what I've seen, the unarmed techniques are reminiscent of jujitsu--Frank Dux's first style. Yet like many martial artists who start their own styles, Dux includes elements of other arts.

    What's next for Frank Dux? Besides private training and seminars, Dux is trying to bring the Kumite to pay-per-view television. In a time where the Ultimate Fighting Championship exploded into viewer's homes and then was kicked off cable TV, this might be a tough sell. But what a story it would be--a tournament had to be secreted underground 25 years ago now broadcast to millions of people. And what if Dux fought again? I'm sure there would be plenty of fans rooting for him.

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