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  1. For those of you in the UK

    Just came across this site trying to look into some of my towns history.

    Found some really fascinating pictures of places that look extremely different from the way I know them now!



    And Andover mill was apparently the inspiration for the workhouse in Oliver Twist!
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  2. I've gotta say Im shocked this thread didnt get more attention really.
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    It might almost be a useful site... except that you have to navigate through the sales pitch and then when you do you get a tiny photo that is pretty much impossible to make out the detail on. Viewing that on a 21" widescreen it's pretty much a postage stamp. :(

    You'd be better off with some lateral thinking and your Google search set to image.

    Did you have a way to get the photos bigger than the small preview they show?:confused:
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  4. I clicked them?

    I got my photos this size


    The house on the left is my ex-girlfriends.

    True story.

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