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  1. Bulldog

    Bulldog New Member

    I don't know if anyone else has ever thought about this...but, I'm currently doing some research into creating a set of forms for no other reason than for personal practice.

    I would like to get some feedback.

    My purpose is creating much more realistic movements and sequences. Now, please understand that I have respect for the practice of forms, because I feel that they do bring a level of discipline. I also think they are important in teaching blocking, kicking, punching from both sides...

    I have practiced Taegeuks for years and Koryo et al for black belt forms...

    Anyone have any thoughts or has anyone created a form or forms for testing purposes or competition?

    Looking forward to all responses...
  2. Yang Dae-han

    Yang Dae-han Realising the 'edit'


    Yes, I have created forms for competition, testing, and out of boredom. I've also helped Korean masters with ideas, as they have only knowledge of Tae-geuk forms (where I've done Palgye, Tae-geuk, ITF, and ATA forms up to 5th/6th dan for some).

    What exactly are you wanting to know?

    If the forms are for you, I'd ask others what they thought your strong points in forms may be (as well as your preferences). Then choose steps that would most likely do well for you.


    At least 40 movements
    Tempo changes
    (with smooth transitions)
    Variety of kicks
    (and heights)
    Skips, slides, and jumps.

    Of course, these should be performed in logical order, and in proper time.

    I shall post more later, if you'd like.


  3. KickChick

    KickChick Valued Member

    I've seen many "creative" forms performed at competition .... we even had a 3rd dan student who for a "personal" requirement chose to create an additional form to perform for promotion to 4th dan.

    You may want to read up on Ernie Reyes who was a 'master' of creative forms. His focus was to expand the use and potential of traditional forms.
  4. Bulldog

    Bulldog New Member

    Thanks for the input...I suppose if I hadn't dropped totally out of the martial arts tournament circuit...I'd probably see some creative martial artists out there doing what I am talking about...

    The one good thing is that I can put my video camera on my table in my apartment and get a pretty good shot of all the movements. I think that will help in reviewing and revising some things...

    I will read up on Ernie Reyes too...thanks always seem to be there with a helpful suggestion, kinda like a TKD superwoman...You don't fly do you? ha ha

    One other thing that I keep pondering is the use of a partner.
    I'm sure that if I had someone else to work with, we could create some possibilities for attack and defense applications.

    Anyone have any links to online video demonstrations of personal forms? Just wondering...I'm excited to get all my ideas from paper into practice!
  5. Tosh

    Tosh Renegade of Funk


    Get a look at General Choi's encyclopedia for a start on this type of thing. There are lots of very good (visually exciting) examples that you could work from.

    Anybody got a handy link to some??
  6. KickChick

    KickChick Valued Member

    Tried to locate a possible link to Choi's applications that appear in the encyclopedia, but none that I can find online.

    Suggest you try the library or purchase online.

    A friend of mine sent me the Legacy CD which has the encyclopedia on DVD and I highly recommend it!
  7. Bulldog

    Bulldog New Member

    Once again, my friends at MAP come through...I have started writing down ideas on paper, with instructions to remind is my idea...

    It's one form...but, for lower ranks your learn the phases of it...until 1st degree black belt...basically it's like stacking legos...
    Every phase you learn brings you closer to completing the whole a puzzle...and the movements get more advanced and will take you through just about every technique you would use in self defense applications...

    Am I crazy? Or should all forms be like this...? ha ha
    I thought it was a great idea...but, then again...I'm biased here...LOL
  8. hafer34

    hafer34 New Member

    Be creative and free and put your favorite movements into your form. Be sharp and snap that gi.
  9. Bulldog

    Bulldog New Member

    I LOVE that SNAP AND POP! :)
    Especially on a freshly clean, crisp uniform...Snuggle soft or Bounty? ha ha
  10. KickChick

    KickChick Valued Member

    .... lot's and lot's of spray starch before ironing ... (2 tablespoons corn starch mixed with 1 pint cold water, pour into a spray bottle)Shake well before each use

    ... so each phase has how many 'movements' ?? Each rank has a certain number?

    Sounds interesting.....
  11. Bulldog

    Bulldog New Member

    I'm working on that phase=number of movements....and each rank will have a certain number...

    I think I am definitely on to something!

    Thanks again to all...Kickchick too...:)

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