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Discussion in 'Tai chi' started by Feiloong, Mar 28, 2002.

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    Im not allowed to post in your forum, so here goes one reply on the chi post

    Chi and chi kung is a simple concept, often over mystified and over complicated by many people who still want to believe in those mysterious chi powers we ever so often hear about.

    The existence of bio electricity in humans, is something that is not alien to Western Medical Scientists. A very simple way to describe chi, is not to call it “energy” or “life essence”, as that is what it actually would translate to, but to simply call it bio-electricity.

    In the beginning there were magnetic fields. Interference with these magnetic fields caused the existence of man kind, earth and all of God’s creation (what ever your religious outlook is – this post in not about religion). Everything is made up from vibrations, and humans also have Bio-electricity which is the source of energy. As one member (I think Rodney) said, everything has energy.

    You were talking about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and I quote “Also know that western medicine and a western outlook of science does not seem to be able to deal with the matter.”. Maybe you should try look for a new doctor. I’m not claiming to be a medical specialist, but I have encountered this syndrome before.

    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can be caused by various things. We have to know, that most conditions such as this and depression for eg, are caused by chemical imbalances in the brain. Low levels of serotonin cause people to feel tired and down. Low levels of insulin can cause weight problems as well as tiredness.

    Chi Kung, is the practice of ‘cultivating’ or exercising energy. The practice of Chi Kung, can help the practitioner to lower his/her heart rate, as well as stimulate the release of certain neuro chemicals such as neuroadrinaline, Serotonin, and endorphins (my spelling might be a little wrong, I will consult some old textbooks). These chemicals in return, can help the brain in various ways, and helps regulate oxygen to the brain, causing the practitioner to be more energetic than before. A lowered heart rate, can cause the practitioner to relax, which in return can bring the brain into theta brain state, which brings more self awareness, and could also cause the ‘euphoria’ feeling we often experience.

    It is also important to know, that chi kung in it self, would not be sufficient for someone with your type of syndrome. A rounded disciplined regime of right exercise and right food should always go hand in hand. The right chi kung, should be rounded of with the right, well balanced food. Food, off course, giving your body what it needs to be able to maintain the power/ energy.

    Right food, and right practice is important, and you should always make sure you do the right training for the right reasons at the right time. Also Take in mind that there are various aspects that should be considered when choosing a chi kung set. Consider your physical/biological, as well as your mental condition. This all should help dictate the right time concept. Ex, Due to condensation and the cooling off the earth vs the sky, there are more positive ion during the early mornings (from mostly before 7am), than negative ions. This in itself, can assist with cultivating energy. For early morning sessions, one should try incorporate a good stretching program with your chi training. Your body is still not fully awake, and you need to stretch your muscles in order to fully recover after the long rest (like after a long drive). Your muscles are still ‘lazy’ and in this case, there would be some types of chi sets which I will ignore completely. IMHO I would steer clear from silk reeling or anything which rely in full muscular power. A good set to do in mornings would be something like baduanjing. This gung, has a good balance between chi cultivation, stretching, and muscular training. I am not a very big fan of tai chi, but it does (when done correctly) build all the needed strength and power that comes with a balance chi training set. My problem is just that tai chi, is just another form of kung fu, and many teachers forget about this. To much emphasis on the chi, and less emphasis on the martial aspects of training (I am not hinting to anyone, just comment in general).

    Stiaan, I would suggest, you try a balanced diet, along with your regular chi training, combined with a good balance vitamin and mineral intake. I have no doubt that you will be able to beat your “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” in a matter of months.

    “Just to say that this is not merely supposed to be an intellectual discussion. I have experienced the improvement in my general condition since taking Thai Chi and doing at least some practicing on regular basis.”

    I’m glad for you. Try increase the intensity in your work out every day. You will not be sorry.

    PS- do try get some B12 shots. Its worth it.
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    Who said you can't post in this forum Feiloong? You are more than welcome to post here as are all members.

  3. Cooler

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    I understand know you are talking about not being able to post on the World Taiji Boxing Association - South Africa forum.

    That is a forum for that school we only host it on our site, they want the forum to be for there members only. I am sure Stiaan will be happy you posted a reply to his thread.

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    Gee wizz this forum is slow.
    Cooler, is there some way you could actually make them aware that I posted something to the guy. I tried contacting the moderator but he is either ignoring me, or he does not know how PM's work.

    I would love to hear some comments. Its boring to just post.

    This is Master Feiloong, signing of....... Till We MEAT again
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    Hi Feiloong sorry you feel frustrated by the South African forum but I'm afraid it is out of our control we just host that forum, it is up to them whether they interact with the members outwith their forum.

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    Thanks Cooler. At least I tried.
    BTW - great site.
    May I ask, this Melanie chick seems like the kinda babe we just HAVE to meet. She your lady?
  7. Cooler

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    :) No Melanie is not my lady *LOL*

  8. Feiloong

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    :cool: I had to ask :)

    Cooler .. you in scotland? what style MA you play?
  9. Cooler

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    I live in Glasgow, Scotland. Over the last 18 years I have studied many styles of MA including Karate, Jeet Kune Do, taught Lau Gar Kung Fu for a few years. Fling in some Hung Gar, Hung Fut, Tong Long and a sprinkling of Tai Jitsu and what do you get? A guy who style knows nothing. :)

  10. alienladd

    alienladd I come in peace

    Yah, Well, No, Fine!!!

    To Feiloong and Cooler. Cool it Man! %-) This is Africa! We are still LEARNING! %-) and some of us still CONFUSED! %-)

    I really enjoyed your reply to Stiaan, Feiloong.
    You do appear to be quite knowledgable about this subject which I am not. But I have heard about this magnetic energy or electricity, if you like, in the human body which when stimulated can have quite dramatic effects on your body. I suppose the Chinese acupuncture is an application used in that respect.
    Also of course your nervous system, I think, is somehow dependant on electric stimuli, which in my way of thinking can be initiated by simple mind power or should I say 'willing' it!?.
    I guess that is where the 'mystery' comes into it.
    And people DO love mysterious 'explanations'.
    (Guess where all the different religions come from)
    And I agree with Rodney & my Sifu Mornè, about de-mystifying this Chi thing and the eastern style of excercises. As much as I appreciate them they are in the end of the day just excercises. The difference appears to be one of attitude and mind application of the people in the east as opposed to those in the west.
    I have seen people excercising furiously without their mind being in the excercise or in the bodypart that is supposed to benefit from it. It is a fairly well established phenomenon I think even in some western medicine and other health institutions that if your mind is directed to the bodypart to be 'treated' then the result will be that much more beneficial.
    So, yes, I would say we direct the energy with our minds to where it is needed and we enhance it by doing appropriate excercises.
    Have you watched a child exploring and discovering it's different bodyparts as it grows? ... and how it, through sheer willpower, learns to walk and balance by constant 'directing of the energies'.
    As we grow up we tend to lose that single-mindedness and tend to break up the attentions onto many other things; hence the imbalance in our health AND general attitudes towards our fellow beings.

    Regarding the Tai Chi discipline, (I have been practicing it for a year now & before that I practiced Kung Fu with another school, also for a year) I DO enjoy the fact that our school does concentrate on the martial aspects quite substantially as well as the Chi and meditational side. You are right when you say that many schools forget the martial aspects. In fact it is my distinct impression that, in South Africa at any rate, people seem to associate it as an excercise for OLD people and one that requires no effort simply because the meditational applications are performed so slowly & also because there are teachers who make a quick buck with 'half-knowledge'.

    Tai CHi is Tops!!!

    Regards, alienladd
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    Before I start, please allow me to appologise if i offended anyone in my previous posts. When I wrote to cooler that the moderator is either ignoring me, or he doesnt know how to use PMs (private messages) i did so in a light hearted manner, not to be taken seriously. I somehow think that cooler did get the message in the intended tone. For those who got offended, If I in any way offended your Sifu or your school, I do appologise. The last thing I want, is for some huge dude to challange me to a deadly Gong Sau (In the same breath, I must just say that I will gong sau any chick, any time :) melany, please take note, my address is 37 Lake driv.............. :p )

    Wow, so many years, so many styles :). If nothing else, i guess it makes you a pretty amazing Southern Stylist. In the tradition of the old Cantonese masters, why not open a school and call it something like Lau Hung Fut gar (the old red buddha style). Im still working on a workable way to incorporate the mantis :).

    Just one question for you, isnt Lau gar and hung fut just offsprings from hung gar? You must have a pretty sound foundation after studieng all 3. Now you just need to add some Choy Lee Fut to your resume ;). Just kidding :rolleyes:

    Cool post. I checked your bio, and noticed that you are about my dad's age :). Guess I should call you Suk Suk (Uncle) from now on. You seem very mature in your martial arts, and I somehow dont think you would ever allow anyone to try convince you that chi is very mysterious. The sad thing is, I have met many people (Eastern and Western) who still buyss into that nonsence. I have often been critized for speaking my mind about so called chi prowes, but to be frank, I dont give a damn.

    In university I had training in the working of the brain as part of a psyciatry degree (but yet, my spelling still sux). So, whenever I hear something about something, i always like to analise it in a scientifical manner. Those people who says that chi cannot be explained by science, are just as ignorent as a simple who moth who follows a light.

    must go now.
  12. Cooler

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    It is true that both Lau Gar and Hung Fut have links with Hung Gar. From what I have heard 'and please if anyone knows more on the subject please let me know' Lau Gar was incorporated into the Hung Gar system to preserve its heritage many generations ago.

    While Hung Fut was created 350 years ago, in the Southern Shaolin Temple in China by Wu Lei (Lei Jo Fune), a monk and a Kung Fu Grandmaster. By combining the powerful hard style of Hung Gar and the flowing soft style of Fut Gar, the Southern Shaolin Hung Fut system was born. Shaolin Hung Fut is a style unique in its incorporation of linear, circular and angular techniques thus resulting in movements that are powerful and explosive yet precise and flowing with rigidity.


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