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Discussion in 'Filipino Martial Arts' started by Bayani, May 22, 2004.

  1. Bayani

    Bayani Valued Member

    I see that there is a predominant amount of practitioners from U.K. in this forum, may I ask what systems of FMA abound in U.K. and what kind of competitions have been held there? Example Wekaf, Dog Bros etc?
  2. LabanB

    LabanB Valued Member

    FMA in UK

    Hi Bayani,

    Systems (in no particular order of prefernce):

    Doce Pares
    Ligthening Scientific Arnis
    Rapid Arnis
    Kaputarian (sp?)


    DB style (under the Black Eagle group)
    Krishna Godhania's style - limited info available at the present time, but basically three rounds covering different ranges and targets within those ranges.

    Naturally there are more styles being taught here in the UK, but the above gives you an idea of whats available.

  3. Pat OMalley

    Pat OMalley Valued Member

    Styles in the UK

    Hi Bill,
    Hope you are well, you also have to mention such groups as the Black Eagle Group (different from the Black Eagle Society) they teach the style of the late Momoy Canete. And not forgetting the various Latosa groups that style has been in the UK for over 40 years and of course Modern Arnis.

    with note to you (SP?) Kapatiran is how it is spelt it means Brotherhood and is the group headed up by my old long time sparring partner John Harvey.

    Anyway, keep me updated with any events happening in the UK and I will post them on my web site.

    All the best
    Pat O'Malley
    Cheif Instructor Rapid Arnis International
  4. DeeTee

    DeeTee Valued Member

    Black Eagle

    Hi Pat,

    As far as I know there's only one Black Eagle Eskrima group here in the UK and they represent Grand Master Carlos Navarros who now resides in Brisbane.
  5. LabanB

    LabanB Valued Member

    Black eagle!

    Hi Pat, Doug,

    My reference to the "DBstyle (under the Black Eagle group)", was intended to indicate Pats full contact, minimal armour gatherings! Yep, should ahve mentioned the Latosa system and its off shoots (i.e. Blind Princess Escrima, British International Fighters Federation etc), plus Modern Arnis, although I'm not aware of anyone formally teaching MA. Any clues as to who this is/are?

  6. Pat OMalley

    Pat OMalley Valued Member

    Styles in the UK

    DEE TEE your absolutely right, I got my wires crossed. Hi Bill, yep there is a guy teaching Modern Arnis here in the UK near Leicester, I bumped into him at the 2003 seni, cant remember his name but I will find out were and who he is as I have had a couple of flyers from him in the past and even promoted one of his seminars earlier in the year on my web site.

    Silly me for forgetting his name, I think the old mind is begining to fade with age or more than likely I have been bashed in the head too many times with good old rattan and kamagong.

    All the best

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  7. LabanB

    LabanB Valued Member


    Hi Pat,

    >Silly me for forgetting his name, I think the old mind is begining to fade with age or more than likely I have been bashed in the head too many times with good old rattan and kamagong<

    Yeees, I can see both of those in my dealings with you, Pat...;-)

  8. Pat OMalley

    Pat OMalley Valued Member

    I forgot???

    Only if I remember to bring my ??? Mmmmm what was it again???



    Oh yeah! A stick.
  9. Catman

    Catman Valued Member

    Hi everyone!!

    Just want to ask any of you who knows Jay Dobrin of BIFF Escrima what do you think about him as Instructor?

  10. Crucible

    Crucible Valued Member

    This would be another one for Guru Omalley, can you tell us something about rapid arnis, its structure, progression, favored techniques or ranges, maybe what inspired its development? Thanks!
  11. LabanB

    LabanB Valued Member

    Jay Dobrin

    Hi Catman,

    One of my instructors (Jimi McAvoy) trained under Jay. Jay was one of the first three people to train in the FMA in the UK, under Rene Latosa (I believe Bill Newman and Brian Jones were the others).

    When Jimi is asked who has been his best instructor he immediately replies "Jay"; when asked who is the best fighter hes dealt with...its "Jay"!!!

    I am hosting Jay at the end of November, so if you can get to Newcastle drop me a line for more info.

  12. Pat OMalley

    Pat OMalley Valued Member

    Jay is I would say one of the most knowledgable guy's in the UK when it comes to FMA, he started FMA in the UK first, apart from that I used to live round the corner from him and he is a nice guy.
    If you get the chance to train with him send him my regards.

    Best regards
  13. Catman

    Catman Valued Member

    Cheers guys...Thanks a lot for the infos.

  14. david f

    david f New Member

    Peter Lewis instructor of Worcester Eskrima Club is teaching Kali Ilustrisimo as taught by Punong Guro Yuli Romo, as well as Warriors Eskrima.
  15. Peter

    Peter Valued Member

  16. YODA

    YODA The Woofing Admin Supporter

    Hi Peter

    Why not put the link to both your clubs in your signature and your user profile?
  17. Peter

    Peter Valued Member

    Thanks Yoda, great idea!

    Let's see if my brain is up to the technology.
  18. Catman

    Catman Valued Member

    Filipino Empty Hands Combat

    Hi everyone,

    I really want to get more into Filipino Empty Hands Combat.Do you guys know any clubs in London who concentrate more in Panantukan,Pananjakman,Dumog,Kadena de Mano..etc?

    Any help will be much appreciated.

  19. Pat OMalley

    Pat OMalley Valued Member

    Nope, afraid not, but I will ask around, but if all else fails there is a guy in Dartford who specialises not only in FMA but in Kenpo Niten Ryu and his Panantukan and his Dumog skills are awsome, but then again his kenpo style does a lot of grappling, kicking and punching.
    Name Nigel Herterich
    5th Degree Master Arnis & Kenpo.

    PM me if you need his details.
  20. Catman

    Catman Valued Member

    Hi Pat,

    I did train with Nigel for a while but unfortunately the class was mixed with Soke Andy McGill's Kenpo class. I was hoping for more FMA training than Kenpo but unfortunately I found the opposite.Nigel is a very good instructor but he was missing too many classes so I ended up learning more Kenpo..(((.I trained in karate for 8 years and I had enough of it.I was hoping for a change.Bad luck though...

    Anyway thanks again for the infos.

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