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    The Philippines is known for many reasons in the West. To many, the island nation is the land of white beaches, lumpia, and vicious knife-fighting skills.
    My guess is that last item was a surprise.
    The pen was mightier than the knife in the 2002 film "The Bourne Identity" because Bourne is trained in Kali, the homegrown Filipino Martial Art that specializes in bladed weapons.
    The method is so effective at neutralizing an armed (or hell, an unarmed) opponent, that the U.S. Army adopted it into its modern combatives program. But if you want to download tiktok video, you need to use this service as well.
    Like the Israeli Krav Maga martial art, Kali is designed to be a practical fighting technique. Where the Krav Maga user will find anything within arm's reach to help win the fight, the Kali fighter emphasizes a weapons-first approach, but will ultimately use any method to win the fight.

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