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  1. Shantari

    Shantari Valued Member

    so i heard that floaters are caused by many things, age, inflamation, diabities, detached retinas, and the list goes on.
    Yesterday, i was at the beach with my family, celebrating the fourth of July. I was taking a walk, and suddenly i notices some sort of blury black lines/spot "floating" around in my field of vision, with each movement of my eye, they would move and then settle. Then i though, crap, wth do i have now. But the thing is, today, i don't even see the floaters anymore, is there any reason to this???
  2. Shantari

    Shantari Valued Member

    16 views and nothing to say?thanks for the help g uys
  3. tom pain

    tom pain I want Chewbacc for good

    16 guys who came in with good intentions but don't know the answer.

    Thanks for your patience.

    I sometimes get those but I don't think they are harmful or anything. You tried Google?
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  4. XeQshinor

    XeQshinor New Member

  5. Nyx

    Nyx Valued Member

    Were you starring at the sun?

    That's my guess.
  6. Shantari

    Shantari Valued Member

    i didnt google, i msned, lol, yea, i got all that info, but i was just wondering why i got them suddenly, and now i dont even see them at all
  7. GhostOfYourMind

    GhostOfYourMind Bewaters lil Iron Monkey

    Were you looking directly at the fireworks? (I mean c'mon, 4th of July, who's NOT gonna look at em....:D)
  8. Maverick

    Maverick New Member

    This thread conjured images of two entirely different things to what you said :Alien:
  9. Shantari

    Shantari Valued Member


    no, i noticed the floaters earlier in the day, so it could not have been from fireworks
  10. ocianain

    ocianain Valued Member

    Shantari, Don't worry, they'll be back. I've read/heard different explanations for them, but rest assured, almost everyone has them (comes with age). If concerned see an eye doctor.
  11. Elithril

    Elithril New Member

    Over the years i'd randomly noticed something in my vision that was described on that site... 'Floaters may look like specks, strands, webs or other shapes.


    i remember every so often id be looking out of the car window at the sky and see them, never really gave it much thought.

    Well certainly interesting ^^

    Havent seen them in a long time though, guess theyve gone.
  12. Prophet

    Prophet ♥ H&F ♥

    I get those randomly everynow and then. I've just allways assumed it was a teency piece of dust on your eye you just happen to notice.
  13. #1 Stutta

    #1 Stutta The New Boot

    I have those. I thought it was my contacts until I took them out and noticed them. I think they're in my pupil cause they move around when I move my eye to see them. They're probably just normal, but I hope I don't get glaucome or something in the long run.

    On a second note, is it normal to see flashes of light when you close your eyes really tightly?
  14. Lefty

    Lefty Yummy!

    Sometimes the visual anomaly is caused by what's on the surface of the eye, sometimes they're within. In the right light with a mirror, you can see stuff floating about in the moisture on your eye.

    I don't have any real solid info on these buggers, but as I understand it as you get older, you get more of the inside the eye floaters. Just remember to have your fluids checked and changed every 30,000 miles. :D
  15. blessed_samurai

    blessed_samurai Valued Member

    Shantari, prob not the answer you were looking for-but if you're seeing spots or things that aren't there, you prob should consult a physician and not a forum.
  16. MarioBro

    MarioBro Banned Banned

    You should feel lucky...I suddenly got a bunch of floaters a couple of months back and they have not gone away. They annoy the hell out of me. I had my eyes checked and they are fine (no retinal detachment, etc) so I guess I better go see the doc to find out if he knows something.
  17. MarioBro

    MarioBro Banned Banned

    Floaters and flashing lights? Go get checked for retinal detachment right away. If it is caught early it can be helped but if you let it go it can be very serious!
  18. ocianain

    ocianain Valued Member

    Yes it is normal to see flashes of light when you do that, again itf you're concerned, see a doctor.
  19. Another Muay Thai Guy

    Another Muay Thai Guy Valued member

    Hmmmm, I've had these things for years, they come and go, but the strange thing is that it seems to be the same "shape" as it were, like a coiled up strand. Whenever it does come back I only really see it when looking at lighter surfaces. It seems to almost follow my gaze, but then drops down the eye. Whenever I try and look at it directly it whizzes away, it's really irritating, lol! However, because I wear contact lenses I have to have my eyes regularly checked by an optician, and nothing has ever come up.
  20. ember

    ember Valued Member

    There can be regular, recognizable ones. A friend of mine has about four of hers that she's even named. But then, she has good reason to *watch* what her eye sees; one because that was "eye", singular, and two because she has had issues with glaucoma.


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