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Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by christhedon, Sep 21, 2009.

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    I have issues with normal boxing/kickboxing gloves in that I'm not able to make a "normal" clenched fist. That is thumb below the index and middle fingers (I don't mean in the fist I mean under it). I was thinking of getting fingerless gloves, but having read up a little people keep on mentioning protecting your hands.

    Do you guys have any advice?


  2. Atre

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    I'm not the most experienced guy here for kickboxing, so others might have better advice.

    When I first started I used club mitts, either boxing gloves and fingerless. It made little difference to me when using the gloves. However, when I switched to rugby gloves (layer of spandex to prevent abrasions) and bare hands I noticed flaws in my punching (making contact with ring fingers etc...) that had been covered by full mitts.

    For this reason I chose to buy fingerless mitts (I prefer less protection in exchange for being forced to use technique that works bare fisted), in addition to being able to cross train (in an art where I apply locks) with said mitts. They were also cheaper but I wouldn't advise breaking your hands for the sake of £10.

    I can't say your issue with making a fist inside the glove struck a chord with me so I'm afraid I can't help there...

    Also guessing that you haven't been kickboxing long? Interesting note on correct punching, not gonna help you hit harder but might save your bones
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    your gloves could be too big for your hands, are you using club gloves? have a look at a MA supplies store for different sizes and get a good pair...
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    ErmmmmI think most boxing gloves have the thumb along side the fist.
    Some even have a little bit that connects the thumb in this way.
    I don't think you can have that much padding an make a correct bare knuckle fist?

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