Fist and Shout Elements

Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by United We Fall, Jun 8, 2007.

  1. Ryukyuprime

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    5 element theory applies to many parts of the body including the hand. Its a metaphor to explain the relationships between aspects of the body. The thumb is earth, pinky is water, your ring finger denotes metal, index finger is wood and the 'traffic' finger is fire. This and sound theory are used to amplify pressure point techniques but aren't necessary for them.
  2. Yohan

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    There is some stuff in real CMA's about this type of stuff, but essentially, the stuff you and "united we fall" are talking about is BS.
  3. Ryukyuprime

    Ryukyuprime New Member

    I'm sure you've tested it deeply to disprove it. Unfortuantely for me I've always found it to work as have practioners of TCM.
    Your link is just an ad for a book which doesn't lend much credibility.
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  4. bcullen

    bcullen They are all perfect.

    Like the medication you've not taken today? :D
  5. Ryukyuprime

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    Had all my meds today thx for caring
  6. KempoFist

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    I found that if I stamp my feet three times, clap my hands, and take a deep breath I can increase my stamina by 14%. Trust me it's true. And if you don't find the same result, they you just did it wrong, or aren't training with the right instructor, or just don't believe enough.

    Look I said it on an internet forum. I must be right.
  7. Gufbal1981

    Gufbal1981 waiting to train...

    OMG! You mean to tell me that not everything found on the internet is right?
  8. Yohan

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    You assume too much.

    P.S. - Its a signature and shows up in all my posts.
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  9. Ryukyuprime

    Ryukyuprime New Member

    wow so many 'full cups' here
  10. Yohan

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    I won't debate the concept of teaching this kind of thing, just the application of the teaching method.
  11. Almost A Ghost

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    I tried working on this, but I couldn't find my 12 sided dice.
  12. K3MP0

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    Traditional Chinese medicine uses this stuff. My previous Sifu also trained in Qi Gong and practiced traditional healing. I felt some of it first hand and it felt weird but I don't really understand it. I'm sure there's a scientific explanation out there for most of it, it's just a quirky description of a normal thing IMO.
  13. Ryukyuprime

    Ryukyuprime New Member

    Perhaps there's a specific application we can discuss?
  14. Ryukyuprime

    Ryukyuprime New Member

    ''almost a ghost'perhaps thats your problem
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  15. Ryukyuprime

    Ryukyuprime New Member

    as I said it's used to describe relationships. It enhances strikes and is useful for counters
  16. Axelton

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    I find that when someone is charging his wood fist, and then you attack it with a fire finger, it renders the wood fist useless for a 15 second duration. During this time you have time to gather your ki, and at the 14 second mark you let loose with your kiai, as this will surely kill the opponent. Oh yeah, before all that you must nullify his water balls with a monkey paw to the forehead.
  17. Ryukyuprime

    Ryukyuprime New Member

    wow you guys are really amazing here....such intelligent responses
  18. Yohan

    Yohan In the Spirit of Yohan Supporter

    Well here's a better one for ya.

    Let's say that, for the purposes of this discussion, that this stuff is REALLY REAL, like proven in science labs, crap like that.

    Let's say that it's a totally valid way of teaching striking methods, and that it can be used to produce high quality martial artists.

    Ok, I know that's going to be tough for many of the people on this thread to swallow, :D but whatever.

    NOW, that being said, the way this kind of thing is taught in real CMA's, is as a master-level skill. This kind of thing probably won't get introduced until a good solid 7-10 years of SERIOUS practice (I don't know here, so don't quote me).

    Given that all that is the case, let's take this one step further.

    Let's just say, for the purposes of this discussion, that Kempo is the real thing. I.E. the connection between Kempo and the Chinese arts is real, and you guys have the real Kung Fu stuff all through your art.

    All that being said, let's look at what's going on with Mr. Ryukuprime here. Mr. Ryuku prime is learning master level CMA stuff, and he's a frickin WHITE BELT.

    :D :D

    So the way I look at it, the probability that he's learning REAL TCMA points and striking methods is highly unlikely.

    The probablility that what he's learning is going to make him an effective fighter, is even more unlikely.
  19. Ryukyuprime

    Ryukyuprime New Member

    Gee where do you see i'm a white belt? You obviously didn't look at my profile. I've been in the arts for over 25 years and have black belt rankings in several arts. While I don't teach in detail to my student I do expose them to it early on and answer any questions I can about it. You have me confused with the person who started this post.
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  20. KempoFist

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    Why do people who can't fight always use the "cups" analogy? It sucks, cause you LARPers hijacked a really great metaphor.

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