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Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by United We Fall, Jun 8, 2007.

  1. United We Fall

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    Down at the Ryukyu Kempo Dojo I go to we are taught to make a fist like you normally would, but you place your fingers at the palm (?) of your hand next to the thumb. Each finger has a different element the index finger being wood, the HELLO finger being fire, and the others I don't know. Is this an effective way to attack? I know if you that if you strike specific pressure point it makes it hurt a heck of a lot worse. Also what shouts are used to enhance elemental strikes?
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  2. Yohan

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    I'd love to see where this goes, but at the moment, it looks inextricably dumb.
  3. United We Fall

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    All that you are really doing with the elemental fists and shouts is you changing the polarity in your body making the attack hurt a lot worse. When you strike a pressure point you send an electrical current throughout the body's nerves into the brain causing increased pain or making the body to function a specific way.
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  4. KenpoDavid

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    I've found that keeping the index finger straight, other fingers curled, when punching, changes the shape of the fist just slightly, and gives the knuckles better penetration (I think due to less surface area in contact). When hitting my heavy bag I can clearly see a difference in the impression it leaves. When hitting a person they report significant difference.

    Energetically, I'm not sure I go allthe way with you there, but I do practice some qi gung. My feeling on that is maybe the hand is not as tightly clenched, allowing for better energy transfer?? I don't know about that really, that's just how it feels.

  5. KenpoDavid

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    I've heard and read and felt how making differnet sounds can change the results of what youa re doing with arms and hands. however I have not trained to actually implement any of that. But, I know people that do train that and it seems to work for them. I've felt it first hand.

    NOTE: I am specifically NOT talking about no-touch KOs or kiai-jutsu or anything like that. I am talking about making one sound or another while you strike or twist etc. Variations on the "kiai".
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    It's all about variation in breathing methods.
  8. Gufbal1981

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    Gary, what is this? Are you turning into a Rap Artist now?
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    Just when I thought threads on here couldn't get any dumber....
  10. KempoFist

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    In short: NO!

    Now go train, and pretend this thread never happened!
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    Thanks for your input - but we all started once - please play nice - you were 16 once.. :)
  12. BGile

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    I just think this thread makes about as much sense as the lyics.
    Actually I like the lyrics LOL :)

    Kempofist is right on.

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    Nice one...
  15. United We Fall

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    Basically when you make a "wood fist" are Charging the body. When you Charge the body your polarity changes and when you strike a pressure point while charging (not talking about wood fist, just charging in general ) you get more of an effect out it. Wood Fist is just basically charging your fist when you strike, but it makes it hurt worse when you strike a specific pressure point. And trust me after being the ginny pig for a few of ‘em HURTS like crap after being shown the difference between a normall strike and a Wood Fist. While you get just a tad bit more oomph, another type of charge (such as striking the leg, but not to hard to hurt yourself) it can be pretty painful.
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  16. KempoFist

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    What you are describing is not founded in science, nor reality. I do not know who told you all this, but they are making it up as they go along.
  17. United We Fall

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    Oh well poo... I thought it was all real too. Oh well. (And no I ain’t being sarcastic)
  18. John Bishop

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    Can you cite some independent scientific research that supports this claim?
  19. pauli

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    well shake it up baby, now...
  20. Gufbal1981

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    There is a 5-element theory in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) but I'm not sure how it would correlate to this...

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