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Discussion in 'Brazilian Jiu Jitsu' started by Trewornan, Dec 2, 2013.

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    Peddle their system and nothing else..... i highly doubt Rorion would do that, i mean its not like he trade marked the GJJ name and sued his own uncles and cousins so they couldnt use the name.... and its not like he brought in the clear water arguement (which got smashed when torrence had a competition against their cousins schools)
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    thats probably a better way to put it, royler and renzo werent exactly bad back in the day either :)
    To be fair most of the hate towards the family seems to be aimed at Rorion, man that guy made a ton of money though
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    The specific point I was referring to when I stated that his opinion aligned with mine was regarding sport taking over SD similarly to what happened to Judo. The blog post in the link you provided only talks about Owen's respect for Purple belts and the fact that "most COULD (sic) defend themselves out on the street if need be". I'm not disputing that either anyway so I'm still :confused:
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    Thanks for the clarification, Fusen. The point about Gracie Barra is interesting. There's a GB school by me. I had a lengthy phone convo with the their standup class instructor. I asked specifically how much SD they incorporated and if I remember correctly, he said not much. I don't want to give names/locations or whatever in case I misunderstood him. Another explnation is that the SD moves account for a small part of the whole curriculum in the first place, which would then make sense. It'd make sense that cross-training/MMA would push the SD portion of the curriculum out just like it'd make sense that the SD training was meant as an introduction to BJJ was Paulson was referring to the time he started BJJ in the Gracie's CA garage. I'll try to find the interviews you're referring to. If you have links, could you post them? Thanks Fusen.
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    Greg, I have no idea where you are going with this anymore. Suggest you train sports BJJ for a couple of years and come back to talk about your experience.
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    or just bjj at all would do. Even some 10th planet might suffice.
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    First thing is never talk to a striking instructor about the content of the BJJ classes and take his word as gospel.

    Second thing is most of the Fundamentals of BJJ are applicable in Gi, Nogi, MMA and SD, which is why they're called the fundamentals.

    AFAIK, the Gracie Barra, have a fundamentals programme that everyone has to complete and keep on going to, that includes a 16 week set of 'fundamentals' which includes a hefty dose of SD context material.

    In other gyms that also work MMA material, this will mostly aid the SD material, because what works under pressure, works under pressure.

    try these -

    [ame=""]Gracie Barra Carlisle Self-Defense - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=""]¿Why BJJ Students Must Learn Self Defense? |Gracie Barra Martial Arts Dana Point CA - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=""]BJJ Self-Defense: Gracie Barra Students practicing an escape from the Standing Guillotine - YouTube[/ame]

    ps I have nothing to do with Gracie Barra, and actually dislike some elements of their business set up.
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    Not a striking instructor at all. He's Judo 3rd dan BB.

    Thanks for the videos.
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    Point still stands!

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