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Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by Sarute Uchizaki, Jun 29, 2019.

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    It's been more than 5 months that I have not been an active martial artist. I was and I am still so busy with work that I have little time for myself. So whatever free time I have either I read stuff about martial arts or simply relax.

    I can't quit my job because I won't be able to pay the bills (unless I have a better job offer). I'm presently working as a teacher. Being a teacher is not so easy as it's my first time. I spend most of the time making notes, create assessments, create mark schemes for assessments and submitting quarterly reports. The only good thing is that the salary is relatively good but without any perks.

    Sometimes I have to be absent at work due to lack of time and being sick. Can anyone advise me how to find time for training as I'm supposed to do my brown belt exam which will be extremely tough? Thanks
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    If you can't train a lot, just train consistantly, once a week, you may not get much better, but you won't get worse, and you'll keep the habit of training.

    Plus go for a run, or go lift weights when you do have time, it'll help keep you in shape for training.
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    I had about 7 years where I couldn't get to a class due to family commitments.
    I ran, lifted weights, did my forms, shadow boxing, bag work whenever there was available time (which often was early morning or midday).

    If you can get to at least one class a week, that's great keep that going and fill in gaps you have available with anything to complement it.

    Also write it down/plan it, if you know you have Friday midday, or as morning as a consistently available time when classes at your martial arts club aren't running, schedule it for something complimentary to your training.
    Have a medium and long term plan in how it will fit with your existing training.

    Do you have a date/deadline for your brown belt exam, or is this based on the next available grading (so if your don't feel ready for this one, could you make the next one?)
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    Good advice, but I’d add that Shawn Anchor’s Zorro Circle is a massive help.

    Google “Zorro Circle” and you’ll see sound advice about focusing on small, manageable goals that you can achieve.
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  5. Sarute Uchizaki

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    My brown belt exam will be in December.

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