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Discussion in 'Weapons' started by Kenko Enso, Apr 2, 2013.

  1. Kenko Enso

    Kenko Enso Valued Member

    Hey everyone, one of our school's students are going to be doing an exchange program w/the British Navy. At the time being, it appears that he will be staying in Portsmouth. He won't be leaving until early June I believe.

    Anyway, I was wondering what sword schools were in that area? He's pretty open minded and eager to learn.
  2. ScottUK

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  3. Langenschwert

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  4. Kenko Enso

    Kenko Enso Valued Member

    Thanks for the leads! That 1595 Club looks really cool, wish I could take it.

    Ok, my apologies, but it appears that he may be transferred over to Faslane, Scotland instead. I will still give him the the links that have already been provided, he said that he may be willing to travel to them anyway. Are there any weapon schools around Faslane?
  5. Langenschwert

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    Send a PM to Polar Bear. He's in Glasgow and will know who's who in the zoo.

  6. Simon

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    Unfortunately Polar Bear has moved on from MAP, so won't get his PM.

    His website may be a better option.
  7. Kenko Enso

    Kenko Enso Valued Member

    Excellent, thanks for the clarification! Wow, Liechtenauer longsword, I've seen some really good videos about that style.
  8. suman yadav

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    nearest school helps to make stundent to consume the time.

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