Finding a dojo or shibu

Discussion in 'Ninjutsu Resources' started by Brad Ellin, Aug 24, 2004.

  1. saru1968

    saru1968 New Member

    well staines is near Egham Where Bill Liddle teaches

    well worth the visit, i travel nearly 200 miles each way to train there a couple of times a month.

    Its based at the RHUL campus on Thursdays and a local community centre on Mondays.

    if you need any more info 'PM' me.


    welcome to MAP BTW.

    I don't know about the slough one.
  2. Peaceful Tiger

    Peaceful Tiger Happy Member

    Ali G is from Staines, I wonder if Bill Liddle ever met him, aiiie! :D
  3. ercle

    ercle New Member

    I cant get to that one :( it looks like the main class is on the thursday at Royal Holloway, and i have no way to get there.

    if anyone knows of one closer to slough, i would be very grateful :)
  4. Vic Mackey

    Vic Mackey New Member

    I live around Huntsville Al and have been looking for a Bujinkan dojo to train at. I ran across this guy who teaches at a local college. His name is Leland Cseke and he is a 4th dan. Has anybody heard of him? If not is there another dojo close by to me? Thanks
  5. Anvilfire

    Anvilfire Valued Member

    He's Bujinkan and that good but I thought you had to be fifth dan to be a shidoshi? However he as the experiance and can be a shidoshi-ho or a shibu and thats fine. Try a class :D
  6. Alansmurf

    Alansmurf Aspire to Inspire before you Expire Supporter

    Ercle you interested in Jujitsu ?
    There is a club in Staines PM for details if interested

  7. tn_mma

    tn_mma New Member


    What if you can't find a dojo that trains in ninjitsu in your area would getting videos that let you train at home and get your ranks that way be worth it or is that just a gimmik to get your money?
  8. Keikai

    Keikai Banned Banned

    Well if we knew who you were or where you lived we might be able to help, thats why the thread is called finding a dojo or shibu!!
  9. tn_mma

    tn_mma New Member

    What if you can't find a dojo in your area are the video's that you can buy that say you can learn at home and get your ranks are they any good or they a gimmik?
  10. tn_mma

    tn_mma New Member

    well my name is shane I live in tennessee but also would the videos be any count to get them.
  11. Existence

    Existence Super Saiyajin :o

    nijutsu is like any other martial art in a sense; would who want to learn bjj, wing chun, muay thai, etc through a video?


    would you want a dentist, who learned his trade through a video, put his hand in your mouth?

    dont get me wrong, vids are great as a supplement, but learning through the vids wouldnt do you any justice.
  12. Keikai

    Keikai Banned Banned

    Thats entirely up to you, have you really looked for a dojo or do you find Van Donk an easy option??
  13. ercle

    ercle New Member

    stains is still quite hard to get to. i've heard of a class in maidnhead, but cant find any info on it. does anyone know more about this please? :D
  14. BloodWolf806

    BloodWolf806 New Member

    Any one know of Ninpo/Ninjitsu schools in The Greenville, Mauldin, Simpsonville, Spartanburg, or Greenwood areas of South Carolina? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. littlesakura10

    littlesakura10 New Member

    i can google just fine.....

    ....and happy to do so to get a list of schools i can check out when i get there (already a practitioner so i know what i want in a school) - but does anyone have any recommendations for Ninjutsu schools in Vancouver, Canada?

  16. benkyoka

    benkyoka one million times

    Richard Norman in New Westminster. and, um, Richard Norman in New Westminster. And, did I mention Richard Norman in New Westminster.

    (Right near the 22nd Skytrain station, very convenient location.)

    If you want his contact information send me a PM
  17. Danial

    Danial New Member

    How do you know if classes are "authentic"? I've heard that there are many scammers out there trying to just cash in on Ninja popularity. Are there any questions I could/should ask to find out their qualifications/authenticity? There's only 1 Ninjutsu class in my city, so I'd like to know if it's worth joining or not.
  18. Brad Ellin

    Brad Ellin Baba

    Well, short of searching and asking here, Google it. Sensei Google can provide all sorts of information. Of course, it would be up to you to filter the wheat from the chaff and decide if it's legit or not.
  19. Nucleartiger

    Nucleartiger New Member

    Is there anyone here that lives in South Carolina and can give me any info about the opportunities to train in Columbia? the were only 2 places listed on the 3 websites and one of those doesn't have a location listed.

    Plus I know that sometimes there are Dojos that just aren't on the list due to not being updated etc.

    thanks for the info
  20. Shau

    Shau kurai okami

    I train in Charlotte, NC. You have a good three hour drive from where you are, but it may be worth it if you can't find anything closer.

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