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Discussion in 'Ninjutsu Resources' started by Brad Ellin, Aug 24, 2004.

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    So you are a buj student then? why didnt you say!! Welcome to MAP:D
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    training with bujinkan

    I like to train with the bujinkan, my new sensei is wade goodner at the Bujinkan Raiken Dojo. Wade is a awesome teacher and his techniques are great and that he took me in to learn when he could have said no because of politics is awesome.


    but I want some balance that is all. I dont want to stop training I just want some others to train with to do some randori, sparring and extra kyu work.

    his classes are also early in the morning on the weekend and sometimes I have to work overtime and miss class because of this.

    I am sorry if others feel offended, I am not trying to offend anyone.
  3. Keikai

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    Dont worry about it, its a national sport for me!!:D

    And he goes to Japan every year so thats a bonus for you, i had a look at the about us page on the link, is it me or is Hatsumi wearing silk jammy's?
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  4. whiteshadow711j

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    thank you

    Thank you greg, your a good guy even though your a brit, just kidding..
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    :d :d
  6. adouglasmhor

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    Anyone got any info or detail on Adrians Bujinkan dojo in Dundee, it's for someone on another forum.
  7. Shizukanaarashi

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    Bujinkan Dojo, Cheltenham

    Shizuka na Tora Dojo (Peaceful Tiger Dojo)

    Village Hall, Swindon Village, Cheltenham, England.

    Wednesday - 18.30 until 19.30
    Sunday - 18.00 until 19.30

    Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu. Part of Budo Warrior Schools.

    Principal Instructor - Shidoshi Marc Moor, 9th Dan.
    Instructor - Shidoshi Ho Bruce Westgate, 3rd Dan.

    Contact Bruce on 07813 642839 or 01452 530509
    Contact Marc on 07776 202011 or 01594 510716

    Budo Warrior Schools offer training every night within an hour of Gloucester, Dojo's also in Cheltenham, Gloucester, Swindon, Cardiff, Stroud, Newent, Worcester.

    Training is informal. We would like to welcome you to join us for training, whether you are local or just passing through. Check out for training times at the various dojo.

    Instructors are Marc Moor (9th) Laurie Muskett (8th) Michelle Murray (4th) Kevin Mercer (4th) Stuart Wraith (4th) Mark Morello (3rd) Bruce Westgate (3rd) Ollie Budgeon (2nd) Matt Lusty (1st).
    (several other Sandon and Shodan also take lessons on occassion)
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  8. stephenk

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    Training in London area.

    I've noticed that there's a lot of UK Bujinkan buyu on this forum. Good place for this question then:

    I'm relocating from Chicago, where I train with an excellent group, to London in November for a two year hitch. I'm looking for a group to train with.

    I'm looking for a group of good people interested in doing good budo and being good friends. I have a shidoshi in Chicago who is my teacher and will not cease to be because of my location. So I'm in the lucky position of not needing someone to look after me for things like rank and the like.

    I just want to train with a group of people that I will come to trust and will trust me because of the friendship formed with the practice of Sensei's budo.

    I'll think I'll be living on the west side. Maybe in South Kensington or nearby. I'm going over Wednesday for a few days to find a place, and I'm interested in not spending my entire salary on rent! If anyone has suggestions for good locations to find a place, that would be cool too. I'll be working in the financial district (Cannon st. I think).

    Thanks guys!
  9. kouryuu

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    Steve, try the Bujinkan Hammersmith Dojo under Duncan Olby, address is;, it`s easily reachable by tube, mine`s further out if you have a car, would take about an hour from Kensington,
    it`s, it`s in Harlow, Essex.

    Good luck and welcome to England, we look forward to seeing and training with you.
  10. saru1968

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    plus you have dojo's in Egham and Guildford way, but as i'm not from London i have no idea how far they are from you. Norm's is def worth the trip if yo are only an hour away.

    if Guildford and Egham are reachable send me a 'pm' and i will look up the contact details for you.

  11. stephenk

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    I heard Duncan's name several times, I'm definately going to check his dojo out. I won't have a car, are you reachable by any form of public transport?

  12. Brad Ellin

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    Please continue this via PM

    It's great that we're helping out a fello Buyu, but please continue this by PM.
  13. linnetsmith

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    am i right in saying that most dojo's in the uk are part of teh bbd?
  14. Neil-o-Mac

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    That would be incorrect, I believe.
  15. kouryuu

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    That would be VERY incorrect! :eek: :D
  16. saru1968

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    yes the correct spelling is...' am i right in saying that most dojos in the uk are part of the BBT'

    Yes, Mostly

  17. JaMKrazeV4life

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    No love for San Diego?

    I'm interested in learning Ninjutsu, and I frankly don't care about the semantics revolving around Bujinkan and the other styles. I just want to know how to defend myself, and Ninjutsu is the only one that looks right to me. The rest aren't quite there.

    The problem is that I cannot find a school for the style in San Diego. I've looked all over, and I keep running into dead ends.

    Is there anybody studying in San Diego that could direct me?
  18. Krum

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  19. JaMKrazeV4life

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    I'm a Google-Ryu Master. :woo:

    That's one I've looked into, haven't actually gone to that school yet, since it's just about the last on a long list.

    I've gone to four addresses for Ninjutsu schools, and all didn't exist any longer. That's why I was hoping somebody attended one on these boards.

    Thank you for the link.
  20. Brad Ellin

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    Dale Seago might be a good one to ask. He probably knows most if not all the instructors in that area. Pop him off a PM if you can.

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