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Discussion in 'Ninjutsu Resources' started by Brad Ellin, Aug 24, 2004.

  1. Kata-Kid

    Kata-Kid New Member

    Nice place...

    Went to see the Bujinkans in Aalborg, Denmark. Nice place, and VERY competent instructors :).
  2. saru1968

    saru1968 New Member

    Bujinkan Dojo's in Shropshire

    Hi All

    any information on Bujinkan Dojo locations within a 100 miles radius of Telford, Shropshire, England, United Kingdom would be great, links would be even better.



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  3. Keikai

    Keikai Banned Banned

    Well there's little old me 20 mins down the road!! :D

    Also Brian duckers is about 70 miles away, about an hour up the M6 and there's me about 20 mins away!! :D

    Nottingham dojo, M54/M6 toll/ M1

    One in Derby, same route, lots and lots, thats the beuty of the midlands, we are central to everyone!!
  4. dasninjasls

    dasninjasls New Member

    hey all its me again...sorry i kind of joined and then left but my computer got busted up and now its fixed. i said before i lived in jersey but in july im moving to coacoa beach florida with my pops...ive been looking around the net for dojos around there and have found a few but all i know is what i see on these links. im wondering if any of you know where i could get a legitament ninpo suit or training suit. any one still around?
  5. Peaceful Tiger

    Peaceful Tiger Happy Member

    Just use a black karate gi, that's what most of us do.
  6. dasninjasls

    dasninjasls New Member

    thankkya P.T.
  7. Shinobi_Of_Iga

    Shinobi_Of_Iga New Member

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  8. Frodocious

    Frodocious She who MUST be obeyed! Moderator Supporter

    Does anyone know of a reputable dojo near Wigan, UK? Someone on another forum has asked me about classes in that area. Cheers!
  9. Obi

    Obi New Member

    dose anyone know of a reputable dojo or trainer in edinburgh or glasgow scotland?
  10. Neil-o-Mac

    Neil-o-Mac The Rev

    Obi: The Bujinkan Tao Dojo runs on wednesday and Sunday nights in the Chi Centre, above Peckhams in Glassford St., in the Merchant City bit of Glasgow. Instructor is a 5th Dan Shidoshi and a good guy to boot. :D
  11. Obi

    Obi New Member

    you my good sir are a god send!! i wouldnt be pushin my luck by asking for if know their/his contact details would ya?

    i stay in edinburgh so goin to glasgow is a day trip for me and a lot of hassel just to find out stuff i could have done over the phone!

    +10000000000000 scene points for you sir!
  12. Neil-o-Mac

    Neil-o-Mac The Rev

    Obi: try emailing - I don't think the instructor uses this address, but one of the senior students uses it to send out info on seminars and stuff, so I'm sure he'll hook you up with our Shidoshi's contact info.
  13. Obi

    Obi New Member

    thanks buddy emailed asking for information a newb could need about the dojo and stuff.

    thanks again for your help
  14. whiteshadow711j

    whiteshadow711j Hiding in the Shadows

    looking for some good ninpo people to train with in GA

    I am currently studying bujinkan ninjutsu but our sensei does not do randori or sparring and does not just work on kyu's, and he just doesn't have the aggressive feeling that the genbukan did and I want to find more people in GA to train with...
  15. Keikai

    Keikai Banned Banned

    Just checking, in a previous post you said you were learning Shinken, an off shoot from the Genbukan, how is this Bujinkan or am i missing something?
  16. Peaceful Tiger

    Peaceful Tiger Happy Member

    You're missing something :D

    The gentleman said he now trains in Bujinkan in Georgia, but did train in an off-shoot of Genbukan in New Jersey.
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  17. Keikai

    Keikai Banned Banned

    Ahh yes i see, so now i would like to know a bit about this shinken and why you think it should be classed as authentic and why did you leave? why did they leave Tanemura? surely a bad move?
  18. kouryuu

    kouryuu Kouryuu

    He doesn`t want to train with the Bujinkan though because he thinks we`re not hard enough, Dale, do you want to come in here????
  19. whiteshadow711j

    whiteshadow711j Hiding in the Shadows

    why the genbukan group left..quite long..

    well there were a few reasons,

    now you have to understand that other than the school I was at there isn't another genbukan club/school in nj..

    1. the main teacher (savaral) and many others felt that tanemura wasn't teaching all of the lineages that he has. this was the major cornerstone of why they left.

    2. now let me clarify something first= one of the reasons that the genbukan was created was (as I was told, dont shoot me here as I am studying under the bujinkan) that hatsumi was giving out rank left and right to people, tanemura had once said at a seminar that half the dan holders in the bujinkan (ones that were over 10th dan) did not derserve the rank and were not greatly skilled warriors and he stated that in order to gain a 10th dan rank or more you would have to live in japan all your life and train with hatsumi or the other students of takamatsu sensei all your life. then at one moment in time he gave many kokusai jujutsu practitioners who were only 1st or 2nd dans, 5th or 6th dan overnight. this is what was told to me but since I was only 2 steps away in the chain between my sensei, my sensei's master and then tanemura, alot of the 5th and higher dans felt betrayed, it was like he went back on his (tanemura's) word that it was okay to just give away rank. most believed that tanemura did this to make the kokusai jujutsu federation more credible.
    3. now the last, many of the genbukan students were originally students of the bujinkan, I know that my old sensei was a 1st dan in bujinkan before he joined the genbukan, and so was his master savaral, savaral may have been of a higher rank although I personally do not know. The last reason was not shared with me although many were upset and I had to take a side and I was torn between Tanemura and my sensei, I had to choose my sensei. Many of the higher dans believed that they would wind up back with either the bujinkan or the genbukan anyway at some point to keep the training and techniques fresh.

    I lost out in that this all happened about 2 months before I was to test in new york for my shodan in the genbukan. So 2 months later when I tested I was with the Shinken ryu school now. I rx'ed my shodan but it somehow felt a little hollow that it wasn't with the genbukan.

    something to fill everyone in, when I first started in ninjutsu I started in the bujinkan, at robert carcano's musan dojo in east rutherford nj, I was slated to test for my 9th kyu after a couple of months of training but I fell on hard times and could not travel so far and money was tight. I found out through a friend of sandro panebianco and that he was a ninpo instructor, of course I was hesitant, I had seen real ninjutsu, and before I met sandro I found 2 fake ninja teachers. I met sandro and wow, he was a tough teacher but he knows his techniques, I read a post here of a student who is with the genbukan and how it was overdrive and a slam fest and tough, I remember puking after class because it was so tough sometimes. but we learned and did we, the techniques were spot on. there were other things that were tough, like injuries, if you got hurt you had to heal up or you could risk permanent injury because the training was so tough. I know I have one and everyone I knew had something that ailed them at one point or another. we always focused on the kyu's right after another, using them like building blocks. also the genbukan would go to any seminar with the bujinkan that they could. when we did test for rank it was tough, no fun and games bow and state the technique in japanese and do it on the right side then the left, then bow again. sorry going off on a tangent, well after this all I had to admit those that were at around 2nd or 3rd kyu were extremely skilled in the genbukan and many in the genbukan stated that when you were about this level you were as skilled as a bujinkan shodan or even some nidan's (dont shoot me on this as I did go to many seminars and those at a higher level in the bujinkan did not seem as skilled to me and many others in the genbukan felt the same but as always I could be totally wrong). after this my job at AT&T started causing me to have less time for my ninpo and It was hard to keep up my skill level when I could only make it maybe once every 2 weeks when I used to train 3 times a week minimum. I tried to fill in the void by going to new york budo (a bujinkan school) when I was working some days in new york, but was treated like a spy or treated harshly (politics) when I was only there to train. so then because of work I was only able to train every once in a while and then had to make a decision, move to GA to keep my job or take a package, I choose to move and keep my job.

    my new teacher is highly skilled and a high level bujinkan dan but there is no sparring, no randori, we work on techniques but those that are our kyu's are not worked on directly. I feel like I am loosing my martial spirit. I cant remember the last time I sparred and did some slamming. I mean I admit I dont want to go back to the genbukan, because it was hard as hell at times but I want a balance.

    so I am looking for others in the GA area who would like to train with these intents, to keep some realism (sparring, randori) and go over some techniques and kyu work and above all else learn..
  20. whiteshadow711j

    whiteshadow711j Hiding in the Shadows

    training hard

    Look I'm not saying that the bujinkan does not train hard, the ny budo (a bujinkan school in new york) did train harder that the other bujinkan schools that I have been too which were only 2 or 3. I am just saying that I want a balance. some randori and sparring to keep the realism and time to work on the techniques and the kyu's. not just going over techniques, I'm just not used to it..

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