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Discussion in 'Off Topic Area' started by dori_kin_86, Jul 10, 2004.

  1. dori_kin_86

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    After reading up on the current state of the Filipino military in Iraq, I must say that I'm concerned about their recall of troops in Iraq. Their recall was in good intensions, to free a hostage, but it back fired. The terrorists didn't free the hostage, but fortunately, the amount of Pinoy troops in Iraq weren't a lot. Unfortunatly now, there will be no Filipino troops in Iraq, and the terrorists still have a hostage. My conclusion is that the terrorists are desperate, cruel cowards, what i had allready known. I'm not trying to raise hell, or offend my fellow Pinoys, but I needed to vent. I want to know what your opinions are.
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  2. Speed

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    The article I read said Filipino army had already planned on leaving Iraq on Aug. 20th before the kidnapping. They just reminded the militants about that in an effort to save the hostage. The militants want them to withdraw before July 20th.
  3. Poop-Loops

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    I doubt they would be doing this if they weren't desperate, so it's pointless to say that.

  4. Akuma

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    Anyway, this wouldn't have happened if Pres. Gloria ****apagal Arroyo didn't send troops in Iraq. I can't imagine a country full of problems spending billions of dollars to send troops in Iraq where it could have been used to help in socio-economic programs. This just shows she's a puppet of the United States in particular.

    Anyway, the last time I heard from the news, the hostage was freed last midnight.
  5. Gryphon Hall

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    He was just trying to vent, sir.

    And even if he wasn't needing to vent, I don't think it is pointless. Sometimes, people have to state the obvious over and over again. Maybe the Philippines is wrong in sending troops to Iraq to help; maybe the Philippines isn't wrong. But what makes me so hot is that people blame their respective governments for what these "desperate, cruel cowards" do. Like, if we hadn't sent troops those people would still have their heads? Those cowards hide their faces and instead of finding a bloodless way of getting their self-determination, they capture truck drivers, reporters and people who are only trying to help, not subjugate the Iraqis, mind you, but help give them electricity, water, medical services and housing, then they behead them.

    Besides, if there is one sort of person I personally blame for provoking these cowards to do these shameful acts, it is the sort of person who would humiliate their prisoners, then maintain a moral high ground, and are not paying for what they have done. People like Lyndie England.
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    I’m always amazed to hear people talk about the invasion of Iraq as if it was such an evil thing. It makes me realize how ignorant people can be. That may sound a little harsh, but I have an educated reason for saying that. They are ignorant because they’ve not seen the mass graves south of An Nasiriyah. They didn't see the torture and terror that Saddam and his two lads inflicted on the Iraqi people. Of course the reports, pictures, and video have been available for some time now. Heck, some of these people probably watched it on the news, but they didn’t see it. More to the point, they didn't care about it because Iraq isn't really the issue. The issue is that people simply hate the USA. I mean think about the fact that many people in the world actually think George Bush is a worse person than Saddam Hussein. You can’t argue with that type of stupidity. The amount of aide and support the USA gives to the world is almost unbelievable, but no one cares about that. It’s not enough. I mean it’s like Iran. They have a big earthquake and thousands are dead and dying. The USA sends in relief help (other countries did too, but we sent the lions share) and all we get is scathing rants by the Iranian government about how America is the Great Satan. The only thing that’ll make these people happy is to see the downfall of the USA. Funny that some of them are biting the hand that feeds them.

  7. Knight_Errant

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    51 troops? BIG deal :eek:
    it's not as if they were caving in to the terrorists's demands- don't the government say it's not that at all?
  8. Akuma

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    I'm not saying that the invasion of Iraq is wrong. What I'm saying is that the sending of FILIPINO TROOPS is wrong. I don't hate America, not at all. I don't harbor any hatred to any nation whatsoever, but what concerns me is the fact that the Philippines is a poor country and spending billions of dollars to appease a foreign nation while the majority of its population is earning only $1 a day is not right.
  9. Gryphon Hall

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    I'm sorry, I'm confused. How is sending just over a platoon of Pinoys to Iraq to help build hospitals and schools (not to shoot any people up) costing the Philippines billions of dollars? Are there actually any figures to show this, or is that just some propaganda.

    The funny thing is, helping other people who need help, whether one can afford it or not, is the essence of a very Filipino virtue: bayanihan (lit. the way of heroes). Unless I am very mistaken, one would think that Pinoys are actually being discouraged from practicing this bayanihan, probably because it isn't sariling atin, maybe, that is, it isn't other Pinoys, just those Iraqis who just happen to be in more dire straits than Pinoys in the Philippines are.

    So how could sending Pinoy troops on a humanitarian mission be wrong?

    Of course, we encourage the sending of Pinoys to Iraq and the Middle East as OFWs. Maybe because they make money. Well, guess what? Because of what GMA just did, letting those desperate cowards dictate policy and allowing them to blackmail the country, the lives of all those OFWs are now even more at risk. The Philippines can be bent to their will. Now, let's see if we can get the Jemah Islamiyah out of the terrorist list; cool, let's get a Flor Contemplacion to behead.

    Those troops should not have been pulled out like this.
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  10. Speed

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    Governments always tell the truth. :p

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