Fending off a sexual assault

Discussion in 'Women's Self Defence' started by illyria1013, Apr 19, 2004.

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    Last time I was seriously worried I had 7 thugs with baseball bats and knives at the back of the school - drug dealers upset that I was in their way in the car park. The police arrived 45 minutes later, at the wrong place - of course with stab vests and batons and sprays etc. I couldn't ask other staff for help as they would have been too endangered. Just me (aikido) and the caretaker (jeet kun do) to do the necessary. We did, they left - fast, hurling abuse. All the bravery of bullies - two down and the rest left rapido in their cars. That was frightening for me after x decades of training. How the hell could I expect some poor teacher 'on duty' to cope? We need full time security as well - sad ain't it!
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    No, I wouldn't have thrown another teacher into that without extensive amounts of training, and we do have cops (armed) at our schools. One some ways this is good, in some ways, very sad. I was more thinking along the lines of the more average, daily fights between teenagers. The students pick areas where there are more female teachers or where it is out of the way. Some basics would be good in that case. Unless your teachers aren't allowed to touch the students. We have to physically separate fighters here.
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    this may sound unreasonably cruel but the only effective defence and deserved treatement of a rapist is a bullet in the gut.
  4. shotokanwarrior

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    The gut? Shoot him in the balls!!!!!!!!!!

    Actually no don't that's way too merciful...get a submachine gun and put a whole spray through his viscera...then watch him trying to move while he's throwing up blood.
  5. Scarlet Mist

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    Someone once said "scratch the eyes, knee the balls, if it looks like a marble, hit it!".
  6. shotokanwarrior

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    Deep scratching? Balls to that. It's so stereotypically uberfeminine and helpless. Besides, a nice clean joint lock is sooooooo much less of a pain in the ass.
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    got sexually assulted by a man when I was 14. I am now almost 18 and yer you should shout and kick bite do what ever you can to get them off you but at the time you freeze and dont really know what to do which was whathappened to me and it took me a while to realise what was going on. One minute I was with friends the next minute I had been dragged into a Liver pool train station toilet. Dont make the mistake I did and freeze do what ever you can to get away.
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    I skimmed through this thread.

    I think that if you look at the actual numbers rape happens by someone they know in a situation that is not as black and white as an agressor looking for kicks.

    average grown men have trouble beating up other average grown men. So the likely hood of the average female doing it is very slim. I am talking about size here.

    the guard is effective in rape scenarios, regardless of what type of clothing the girl is wearing. Besides skirt or not, he has to take his pants down also.

    Also rape is about control, the actual "in and out" cannot take place until the victim has submitted.

    at the womens sd seminars I have worked with, I tell the ladies to improvise, tell the rapist that they have aids or some other nasty std.
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    I would say that being aware of your situation and surroundings are the greatest weapon....eg...most rapes are committed by people the victim knows (90%) i read somewhere.

    There is an author from america called Gavin de Becker the book is called "the gift of fear"....i would recommend anyone interested in self protection etc to get this book.....the guy is a top professional...his clients range from high profile business men, politicans, to film stars..there is a section specifically for women....i have been on tonnes of self defence seminars and everyone says the usual self defence things...eg have weapons, dont walk down dalk alleys and all that, but this guy gives you an insight into the attackers mind..absolute must read...it really improves your insight
  10. Pete Ticali

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    Many good points...but

    I believe the initial question boiled down to fight or not to fight. This implies a falsehood, because not fighting can well be a "fighting" strategy.

    If we were talking about a "physical attack, without warning" we would be correctly thinking "escape and/or fighting vs. submission", but if escape was deemed improbable or impossible, it might be deemed strategic to fein submission until opportunity arrises.

    If the situation was not an attack without warning, and it started either in a date rape situation or a more "social" disguise; it might be best to be firm but not vicious (at first).

    Although it is "possible" that you do not want to "damage" this person; it is even more possible that you wish to lull them into "false" confidence so that you can setup the decisive strike that will keep this from becoming a fight.

    There are many women who can go one to one against men, but this isn't the time to prove it. Take any advantage (even deception) and cream the sucker.

    I must add that these types of discussions can never reach proper concensus. Each situation is different, and each person involved in these situations will make a split second decision based on their personal beliefs and their particular mix of fear/adrenilin as well as the realistic perception of what options seem available to them at the time.

    I think it important that any "victim" knows that their personal choices are empowering regardless of the outcome.

    We don't always have the opportunity to make life what we wish it to be, but knowing that we weren't at fault, and that we did what we believed to be correct for the situationis very helpful. We all are victims from time to time in our lives and our ability to look forward instead of back is what determines our fate.

    Hope this opens food for thought

    Pete Ticali
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    You were only 14!!!! :eek:

    That is absolutely terrible! :mad:

  12. shotokanwarrior

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    Yeah, that is SICK.

    You mean as in scream helplessly and pretend to be terrified, then kick the snot out of him? Oooh, I would love the look on his face(nanoseconds before he crumpled to the ground throwing up blood of course).

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