Fending off a sexual assault

Discussion in 'Women's Self Defence' started by illyria1013, Apr 19, 2004.

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    Thanks for sharing that with us. I admire your guts and courage - keep up the good work too. Hoepfully they will draw strength from your example

    To comment on your specifics, you have proven what I have maintained all along - ATTITUDE WILL DICTATE SURVIVAL AS MUCH AS TECHNIQUE

    No matter what you do, do it 100%
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    Not necessarily. The main argument that I had with you originally is that you favor a woman to go into the guard position. And will again repeat my position that THIS IS A BAD PLACE TO BE.

    No and not necessarily. Look at the earlier UFC's where it is allowed to kick somebody who is on the canvas. You seem to have forgotten that a grappler has to quickly clinch an opponent before the latter guy gets a good blow in. If this does not happen and the striker is very good, the grappler gets kicked in the face.

    And it also has been proven that a very strong person can still injure a person skilled in the guard significantly. This is again why I do not agree that a woman usually does not have the kind of strength to overcome her assailants physical power.

    Sure. Learn the guard. Be very good at it. But also understand that it is not the be all or end all of protection.

    What if the rapist has a buddy waiting in line? :eek:
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    Thanks for sharing your story with us KungFuGrrrl.

    Hopefully that personal account will give credence in showing that women should put up a good fight doing whatever it takes to fend for their lives.

    This thread is entitled "Fending off a sexual assault. Most physical confrontations (in this case sexual assaults) DO end up with both attacker and victim on the ground.

    No one here I am sure is going to dismiss the importance of learning basic ground fighting techniques that show women how to react once they have been pinned or thrown to the ground. In addition to learning how to escape once you have been pinned to the ground is also to learn how to escape from a hair grab, a choke, and many other real life situations.
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    I agree. The human blanket beats my wife everytime.

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    Some good info here..... http://www.dr-ruthless.com/articles/ftback.htm

    A woman’s legs are her strongest natural weapons and can be used like battering rams to vital regions. But you may have to free them first. If an attacker is lying on or straddling your hips, plant a foot and heave or buck him off, or trap his lower leg and roll (to aid such displacement, simultaneously attack the face). Other methods involve swinging your hips (think: tailbone) out sideways, or using your knees to keep him at bay until you can deliver more devastating kicks. If an offender is to the side of your body, or sitting on you upright, you might be able to hook his head or shoulders with your leg(s) and slam him down. From on "all fours" a woman can explosively drop onto her side then fire-off righteous combinations of side, thrust or ax kicks. Remember: your goal is to facilitate escape, not force him into submission.
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    Thanks kickchick. Very helpful.
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    Hey guys!
    just curious , this is a very interesting thread , im not sure what you guys mean by "gaurd position" could you please explain.

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    See, this is the reason that I don't like concealed carry laws for firearms...
    I would in no way want to get in a hand-to-hand fight with a rapist, because he's going to pick a target that he knows he can overpower. I have cross-trained in running for the simple reason that it can be your biggest defense. If your attempted victim suddenly takes off like a bat out of hell much faster than anticipated, it usually brings the attempt to a screeching halt.
    At the very least, when I go off to college, I'm never going to be out of my dorm room without some method of defense on my person. I'm going to have to look up the rules at the dorms, but my thinking was that a semi-innocuous looking cane suddenly becomes a jo when someone means business.
    He is not going to make it a fair fight, so why should you? There's a good chance he'll be bigger than you, stronger than you, have a weapon of his own, or even have a buddy or two with him. (That is one scenario that is not emphasized often enough. Gang rape is a problem, too, especially in high school and college environments. It is a possibility that you won't just have to deal with one person bigger than you, but two, or three, or five.)
    It is not going to be a fair fight. So, just try to find any way you can to make it unfair in your favor.
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    You may find this a useful reference : http://homepage.ntlworld.com/shez316/Techniques/Groundwork/Groundwork101.htm

    It was posted by Ghost Frog last week and covers grappling basics including guard position.
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    To the original post: i'd say that in that situation a passive approach is not a viable option. I've read of a rape account where the man was drunk and actually trying to pleasure the woman ("You'll enjoy it if you just relax" sort of thing). A little violence will dissuade rapists of this normally non-premeditated kind.

    As to the specifics of how to resist, grappling is undenialably useful- being able to escape from chokes, pins, etc is obviously going to be invaluable in such a situation.

    However, i don't believe that it is the only method. Has anyone read the thread on prison violence in the articles section? The favoured techniques for unarmed combat inside: ear rips and strikes to eyes, groin and throat. They work on hardened cons- cons use them on each other. Ripping his ear off will distract him to a considerable extent, as will breaking his nose and thus impairing his vision- not a strike that needs a lot of force if done at the right angle. It's worth bearing in mind too, that he will want to be doing things with his hands that will distract him from keeping a guard about his face. This should provide ample oppurtunity to work in techniques such as those mentioned above.

    Say he is a faster runner than her. If she has the chance to escape but he begins to catch her up, then i'd say her best chance is to seize the initiative, and take measures to slow him down. The intended "victim" suddenly turning the tables on her attacker by putting him on the defensive will have a great psychologcal impact on him, especially with an ear-ringing ki-ai- and it's hard to give chase when you're cradling your nuts :) :Angel: :D
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    self defense

    I would like to make a few quick points. I study both ground techniques (submission grappling and BJJ) and stand-up techniques (TKD) and help teach a women's self defense class. First, while I was still in college I got into a bad situation and was almost date-raped. Because I was comfortable fighting from my back, I didn't freeze and I didn't panic. I threw him off and walked away, no worries no problems. I highly recomend (and teach) getting comfortable being under someone heavy and having some basic plan. I also teach a very simple technique. The man is on top and in between her legs, all the woman needs to do is pull back her leg(s) and heel kick the man in the kidneys. I have done it to many of the guys I work with for demonstration purposes and have found that it is pretty effective, even against men who are used to taking hits and were expecting it. Of course, we teach many stand-up techniques because being on your back is more dangerous. But I do not condone the notion that once a woman is pushed down to the floor there is nothing that can be done and she just needs to relax and take it. Also, as a last resort, keep in mind that it only takes a few pounds of pressure to rip off a human ear.
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    Just ask Mike Tyson! :D
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    Hey, if it works. Besides, it would make him pretty easy to identify. Always a plus, no?
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    BACK from an unexplained sin binning.

    As a vale tudista I can assure you that the guard is a small advantage to a person on bottom.

    I would MUCH prefer to have a large man in my guard than trade blows with him.

    SEE FOR THE FRIGGING MILLIONTH TIME: Royce defeating a much larger dan severn from the guard.

    You appear to have never watched a UFC.

    Look, for the millionth time: Everyone in the current UFC grapples. A non grappler has never beaten a grappler in vale tudo.



    Try to KO him?

    EVERYTHING requires strength, because strength is merely the force of your muscles.

    BREATHING requires strength. But gaining leverage for a submission you can maximize your own strength.


    Not me.


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    'Bout time you woke up to the truth Hedge.... :D
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    Don't Mistake Sarcasm For Me Not Raping Your Skull
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    two words: Chill Pill.

    Can we have one of those over here, please?
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    ..... medication has already been dispensed :D
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    Thanks, doc :D
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    I have not time to read the other replies now so this might not be a new idea but I guess using legs a lot would be the best thing to do. This might not work if your opponent is some MA specialist, but an average man could even be scared off when faced with kicks.

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