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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by MajesticB, Oct 31, 2005.

  1. MajesticB

    MajesticB New Member

    Well I went to the gym for the first time today to start my new workout me and my quasi-personal trainer have started for me. And let me say WOW, I felt like jello after leaving.

    But my question is this. After I got home, I felt kinda funny, almost queesy/sick in a way. What might be the cause of this? Too little water beforehand? I only had a large glass of water when I got up, then I left for the gym. Nothing to eat. Afterwards I had something like 6 eggs, 4 sausages, and some OJ (that was after I starte feeling better).

    Or is it simply because I am not used to doing much of any physical activity aside from standing?
  2. royder1976

    royder1976 Valued Member

    It's because you have no food in your system. You should try to eat something about 1 hr before you go to the gym and no more than 45 minutes after you workout. But I would try not ot eat so many eggs and sausages..
  3. tiptoe

    tiptoe New Member

    you need to eat before you train man. i eat about 21/2 hours before a thai boxing session and before i go to the gym. takes my food a while to digest and i feel sick if i train too soon but i always make sure i eat. i also drink lots of water and sip it whilst weight training. also just make sure you are not pushing yourself too hard too soon. don't try and push it too hard to impress trainer or if he puts weight too high don't be affraid to say its too heavy. all advice i can give reall hope this helps. oh and eat lots of carbs after training as well as protien ;)
  4. microhard

    microhard Valued Member

    new exercises can make you feel weird. Also how was the air in the gym?
  5. Combatant

    Combatant Monsiour Fitness himself.

    Low blood sugar and the new exercise were to blame IMHO.
  6. MajesticB

    MajesticB New Member

    Cool thanks for the replies. As for the air it's fine, they have a massive ventilation system running through it, so I doubt that was it.

    Yeah Ill go ahead and have something to eat beforehand. I sometimes just dont feel like eating when I get up, but that can take a backseat to what I felt like afterward.
  7. Radok

    Radok Love myself better than U

    After you get used to the more robust program, you should feel better.
  8. tulsatkd

    tulsatkd Valued Member

    I think it is more of a hydration thing. How much water did u drink the day before? A glass a water before training isn't going to cut it. I assume the work out was in the morning, and with me, I can work out on an empty stomach in the morning as long as I have a good meal immediatly after.
  9. TheCount

    TheCount Happiness is a mindset

    Yeh, if you go zero to hero you will find that. Probably what it was was you were really pushing yourself nearly beyond your bodies limit so you felt ill. Don't worry about it. Your body aint used to exercise so depending on the volume you may have that.

    When I've done really very heavy weights and really pushed it I've felt this a bit, it aint a prob. Get some food down you and get some sleep.

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