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Discussion in 'Weapons' started by Andy Murray, Feb 23, 2002.

  1. Freeform

    Freeform Fully operational War-Pig Supporter

    How about throwing the book/rock at your op in a nice casualy arc, and shouting 'Catch!', then kicking him in the nuts!

    Did this once, but it was a can of coke and a right cross! ;)

  2. pesilat

    pesilat Active Member

    Often effective. But then we're back to, "my body bleeds and feels pain." Why throw away a weapon if I have a better use for it? :)

    On the other hand, if I can use it as a distraction and get away clean, then I will. Or, if I have a better weapon available, then I may throw the lesser weapon as a distraction to allow me to get the better one. But if I have to fight and I can get my hands on an inanimate object, then I'll be using it to attack.

  3. Freeform

    Freeform Fully operational War-Pig Supporter

    In my defence I was 16 (with only a meager 4 yrs MA behind me) and he had 2 mates. That happened to the closest guy, the 2nd received a snap kick to the grion by which time the 3rd one had legged it!

    I retrieved my unopened can and wandered on home :D

    I have, in hindsight, trained with a closed can of juice. My favorite is to use its ends as a extension/hardener for a palm strike.

  4. pesilat

    pesilat Active Member

    Yup. You can also use it to augment joint locks or (guess you didn't think I'd say this) drop it into a bag or a shirt and use it as a flexible weapon ;)

  5. TheStudent

    TheStudent New Member

    I have always come to know and feel that anything can become your weapon but nothing better than training yourself further and learning how to make your body a weapon itself. The human body IS the most complex but yet the strongest compaired to many things. There is only two other things stronger and thats the human spirit and determination. Course thats just my opinion, but if I did choose to use an outside weapon it would either be a 9-ring chinese broad sword or a simple bo staff.

    But Nothing Beats A Good Old Pair Of Fists! ( And don't say guns can, even though I know someone's going to. Thats just a wusses weapon. Stand and actually fight, don't hide behind your gun over 90 yards from me :p )
  6. pesilat

    pesilat Active Member

    Personally, I can't get with the whole "honor in fighting" concept. To me, getting home safely each night is the most honorable act I can think of. That means I'm not in a hospital, morgue, or jail.

    Anything that I can use to help insure that I get home safely each night, that's what I consider honorable.

    Therefore, if a gun will help me do that, then I'm gonna take aim and shoot.

    A weapon of any sort will almost invariably help prevent me from ending up in the hospital or morgue. That's a good thing in my book.

    That just leaves jail. This is why I don't carry things that would be considered "weapons" by default and why I'm such a big fan of improvised weapons and using the environment. This may not keep me out of jail, but it is a preventative measure.

  7. khafra

    khafra New Member

    For sure, if you can use your own body as a weapon it'll be difficult to disarm you, but let's not go knocking guns just because they're effective and have no unarmed counter when used properly.

    I might be biased since a rifle is my best-trained weapon, of course--I'd be 500 yards away instead of 90--but the true safe distance weapon of a coward is a hired assassin, right?
  8. TheStudent

    TheStudent New Member

    I can understand your point, but everyone has their own ways, their own codes. I can admit to having a few beatings myself when getting home when I was younger. Of course it always ended up 3 on 1. Fair odds right :mad: But I would have never found any type of honor in suddenly pulling a gun. Of course things like this can sway a beating but then again how will you know if your ever ready if go around using something like that. But anything you can find around you (ie rock, stick, etc.) I know I've done that from time to time. Improvisation is just another key to sharpening your mind, thus bettering yourself.
  9. pesilat

    pesilat Active Member

    Yes, but a beating isn't usually lethal. I would never consider pulling a gun to get out of a beating. I would only consider pulling a gun if I felt my life were in danger, and then I wouldn't just pull it, I'd shoot to kill.

    Anyone who would pull a gun as a "deterrent" is, in my book, an idiot. If the situation isn't life threatening then a gun only serves to escalate it to that level.

    The same is true of any weapon. They're not meant to be brandished. If I pull a weapon (no matter what it is), it means that I'm about to put someone in the hospital (or worse) to prevent going there myself (or seeing someone else go there). The situation has gone past the stage of "deterrent."

    The only "deterrents" I use are my feet (to avoid the situation completely) and my words (to talk my way out). When those fail, then I'm looking at finishing the confrontation as quickly and effectively as possible and will use whatever tools that I (a) have access to and (b) feel are warranted by the situation.

    I'm very cautious about pulling/using weapons.

    I once had a feeling that my step-son might attack me (he was 19 or 20 at the time, about 6'2" and 220 lbs. with mental problems). I took my knife off of my waistband and put it in a drawer, then put a hairbrush in my pocket. If he did attack me (which, fortunately, he didn't), there would be no risk of me pulling my knife and killing him or of him getting my knife and killing me. The hairbrush would have worked just fine for the level of restraint I'd have been committed to.

    But if I felt a firearm were justified, I'd use it and, in my estimation, it would be an honorable act.

    Here's a possible example: a SWAT sniper shooting a man who's holding a child hostage and threating to kill the child with a broken beer bottle. I think the sniper's action would be completely honorable.

    Another: same sniper shoots a guy who's charging at someone with a tire iron. In my book, completely honorable and justified.

    A weapon is just a tool. How and when it's used is what determines the honor of the person using it.

    I forget which movie it was in, but there were two guys. One an empty-hand martial art master, the other a marksman. They didn't like each other much, but were forced to work together. At one point, the empty-hand guy says something along the lines of, "Guns are dishonorable." The other replies, "It's not the gun that matters. It's what's done with the bullets that determines the honor." (Or something to that effect. Wish I could remember the movie so I could try to look up the exact quote)

  10. pgm316

    pgm316 lifting metal

    lol Fair point, I'll have to stick with the broken bottles ;)
  11. ROBERT

    ROBERT New Member

    My favorite weapon? Intelligence! It will almost always keep you out of a fight, thus keeping you from getting hurt.

    I have been in a few scuffles, but I can't remember one time where I was attacked for NO reason. There is almost always a way out of a fight.

  12. Aqira

    Aqira New Member

    sorry I know I/m joining this thread late..

    I like all kinds of weapons I collect as much as I can.
    I have taught different weapons including the kubaton but I prefer a screwdriver to a kubaton because its both a blade and a kubaton and great for carry and use in a car..and it's legal.

    My favorite weapon is the khukuri- I have spent more than 20 years studying different khukuri based systems and still find more to learn all the time.
  13. Cudgel

    Cudgel The name says it all

    well as I can legally carry swords longer than 2 ft in length but cannot carry a double edges thrusting knife. Stupid california. I stick with poket knives and swords and sticks and fists and anything I pick up. And when I can afford a hand gun I shall purchase one and carry it openly and then concealed when i can get the permit. but right ow I have 3 small poket knives ion my person one is designated my fighitng knife as its got a nice cliped point for thrusting. But I would rather not have to use it to defend myself as I no littel about knife fighting.

    And Honor is found in the act not the tools.
  14. LilBunnyRabbit

    LilBunnyRabbit Old One

    Keep your honour, I'll stick with walking away, no matter what dirty tricks I have to pull to do so.
  15. Brad Ellin

    Brad Ellin Baba

    Personally, I like the cane or walking stick. I have to use one more days than not, plus it's legal. I have yet had one confiscated or questioned my legitimancy in carrying it. And honestly, as noble as walking away or talking your way out of a confrontation (and beleive me, that is always my first choice of action) there are simply some people who do not know when to quit or when they are already beat. The cane gives me an edge in some cases and levels the playing field in others.
  16. LilBunnyRabbit

    LilBunnyRabbit Old One

    Sorry, I didn't quite mean walking away like that. I actually meant walking away as in you being the person left standing.
  17. kobudo_tob

    kobudo_tob Valued Member

    I'm recently taken a shine to the Eiku - the boar oar.

    Its like a staff........but..........the sand throw!!!! MWAHAHAHA
  18. Cain

    Cain New Member

    What can beat a good BFG10K from Quake III ;)

    My favourite weapon would be anything I can get my hands onto :D

  19. Bushido_Kai

    Bushido_Kai New Member

    wow... late much.

    i'm sorry i joined this post late. wish i coulda got in on it sooner. about a year ago i went to a grappling semenar in Branson, MO put where i also took a class on the bokan. i fell in love with it. i regret saying that i had broken my boken several months ago and being an 18 yr old student getting ready to graduate, register for college, and move out this summer, i have had little funds to purchase a new one. soon though i'll get another one and start practicing. my martial arts class however does not offer any weapons training. if anyone in the springfield, mo area usa would be interested in teaching bokan i would be very grateful and more than willing to compensate for class. later.
  20. JediMasterChris

    JediMasterChris Columbo

    My favourite weapons are; Katana,Dai-Katana,and Boken...:woo:

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