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Discussion in 'Karate' started by SaiMaster, May 3, 2002.

  1. SaiMaster

    SaiMaster New Member

    Do you have a favorite form or Kata?

    To start off my favorites are the Tekki or Naihanchi katas. They are very deceptive. The forms may seem simple and repetitive to learn but come apart in layers the more you see the more there is to see.
  2. Saz

    Saz Nerd Admin

    My favourite katas to watch being preformed are Tensho tskui No kata. My favourite Kata to perform myself is Sanchin No Kata, now that I've finally gotten the hang of the breathing :)
  3. Ozebob

    Ozebob Valued Member

    Favourite Kata..


    It seems we are in agreement. My favourite kata are Sanchin, Tensho and Naifuanchi. Fairly simple to learn but very difficult to comprehend and demonstrate correctly.

  4. gojutejutsuryu

    gojutejutsuryu New Member

    Total agreement,
    Naihanchi (Naifanchi), is a total paradox. Extremely simple at first glance and yet it gets harder and harder to perform, the more you try and perfect it.
    Sanchin Kata was said by the late great "Yamaguchi Gogen" as being the only kata that you really need.
    Tensho Kata, another favourite, especially if you slow it down to almost crawling speed. You actually feel the chi in your finger tips and palms. (Tingling and shifting, most people feel it)
    Seiyunchin remains the last of my favourites, mainly because it tricks you time and time again.

    (South Africa)
  5. Telsun

    Telsun Valued Member

    I love performing Sanchin. People often select this kata as they know that it is the linchpin to Goju ryu karate.

    But I really do enjoy it.:D The feeling of strentgh and power that you can expel when fully focused is amazing. My sanchin often lasts much longer than the scheduled amount of moves as I often extend the kata through over concentrating on it. I loose myself in the kata if you know what I mean. It is easy to do because the moves are all so simple. You cannot do this in other katas as they follow a pattern that cannot be extended.

    Also the feeling of Sanchin can be felt in your other kata when Sanchin has been developed. That heavy, strong indestructible feeling!!!:cool:
  6. YODA

    YODA The Woofing Admin Supporter

    My favourite form is the eight for in our Doce Pares Eskrima system - it's called .....(((Drumroll))) ....... Form 8 :D
  7. Freeform

    Freeform Fully operational War-Pig Supporter

    The Tekki kata's (just to agree with everyone ;) ). They look pants to the uninitiated but are quite vicious in application.

  8. paul paterson

    paul paterson Valued Member


    All the kata's are good and have their good and bad points as do forms, and weapon kata's. However, my favorite kata's to date are Sanchin no kata, Tensho no kata, Yantsu, Seienchin, Seido kata. Yantsu is a kata that has come from the Chinese, it can be done in Tai Chi form as well as a fast and hard form. Then you have Seido kata, this is a real beauty. It gives the student the feeling of how the basic moves, blocks, strikes, and stance work should feel as when moving, attacking and defending. Overall my favorite has to be Tensho. As this kata is strong yet flows like the water. The rolling of the hands and the breathing goes hand in hand with the rooted stance and the shear beauty of the kata is simplicity in itself.

    Paul Paterson
    1st Dan Jiyuseishinkai
    Section Keeper
    Glasgow Zoo.
  9. lil'fighter

    lil'fighter New Member

    well........i must say my fave kata is kata pinan yodan, wado style, apart from all the katas i really enjoy this one, because it was classed as a family kata.....anybody heard of Sensei Kerry George ( founder of Ni Chi Ryu), he taught me this kata and he has helped me get where i am now.

    Oh well i no its not the same kata as you lot but i must admit this is my fave kata

    Lil' fighter
  10. Killerbee

    Killerbee New Member

    My favorite kata has to be Hangetsu, although the applications are still a bit cyfered to me the dynamic tension which makes way for fast explosive attacks is pretty cool.
  11. isshinryu kid

    isshinryu kid New Member

    My Favorite katas,ARe seisan, Sanchin,& Nahanchin.;)
  12. Ohtar

    Ohtar New Member

    My favorite katas are Yantsu, Tsuki no and pinan sono go. But I've seen other very impressive kata's (I don't know their name).
    So Yantsu is from the Chinese? I didn't know that. Oh, I forget Saiha, that's a fantastic kata too.
    Well, I've got difficulties with performing an ibuki (I can make them, but something's wrong. And an ibuki must be an ibuki, and not something that sounds like it) and that's a problem whith Sanchin!
    Do you have some advise for learning to make an ibuki? Or is it just practise-practise-practise...?
  13. Vash Rendar

    Vash Rendar New Member

    My favorite kata to perform would have to be Jion(Shotokan). I like because the moves are simple and powerful, yet interesting.

    My favorite kata to see performed would probably be Unsu. It has a large variety of fast paced techniques. Very interesting to watch. :D
  14. Sam

    Sam Absent-ish member

    my favourite kata is either chinto or naifanchi my favourite kata to watch is seisan(watched my sensei do it the other day, was in awe) the kata i practice the most is kushanku cos its my worst kata

  15. BlueDragon1981

    BlueDragon1981 In the House of Draven

    Ichi Bondo No Undo
    Heian Godan.

    I don't think I spelled all those right. Oh well.

    We have some chinese forms, some shotokan forms and some forms made from our style. I guess thats what you get when your style is a hybrid. :lol:
  16. Jamo

    Jamo New Member

    I don't agree with Yamaguchi Sensei's quote (but what do I know compared to him?), but I will admit that Sanchin gives me and my students the most intense workout of all the katas we practice...the sweat flows in streams and rivers. As far as strength conditioning and projection of Ki, you can't find a better kata (at least I haven't)...however, as far as other reasons for kata practice (like learning to move dynamically) I love many others: ****an Ichi & Ni, Rohai, Bassai (or Bassai Dai), Matsukaze, Kururunfa, any of the Gosoku Ryu katas, and the Shudokan Kyoku katas (these have White Crane Kung Fu influences).

  17. kobudo_tob

    kobudo_tob Valued Member

    Cho-un-no-kon of the Matayoshi Lineage.
  18. Sho-ju

    Sho-ju New Member

    Any of the Tekki kata. If you know the bunkai it's a great stand up grappling kata.
  19. kobudo_tob

    kobudo_tob Valued Member

    Oh, and you can add Tsuken-Aka-Cho-No-Eiku-De to my post. Pretty smooth.......
  20. Knight_Errant

    Knight_Errant Banned Banned

    My favourite kata: the list of drills presented in the book 'SAS self defence'

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