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  1. tel

    tel absorb what is useful for

  2. Bil Gee

    Bil Gee Thug

    Just imagine


    could become a

    Professional, Fully Qualified Martial Arts Instructor

    running your


    Part/Full Time Martial Arts Academy in your area.


    could be earning a living and providing

    a valuable public service by this time next month.

    Why stick in that boring, repetitive, mind numbing job one moment longer than you need to?
  3. Bil Gee

    Bil Gee Thug

    Just wonder if GKR are going to sue them for copying their business model.
  4. holyheadjch

    holyheadjch Valued Member

    I dont know, it doesn't look good on the face of it, but anyone who posts this:

    cant be all bad.

    He is also old, so has been training a while and has quite a few credentials. Whether or not his clubs are any good is another matter. But I am not willing to blast them as mcdojos just yet.
  5. Bil Gee

    Bil Gee Thug

    They train people to be their accredited instructors inside a month, by a correspondance course, how much evidence do you need?
  6. tel

    tel absorb what is useful for

    its a two day course at there gym
  7. Aegis

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