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Discussion in 'Boxing' started by TheSpeedBoy, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. Bruised Lee

    Bruised Lee Valued Member

    I understand and agree with the 'train with a real instructor' posts, but even those self taught should know that the aim of boxing is to hit the opponent, not your own chin
  2. Latikos

    Latikos Valued Member

    They also know, that there are ways that even if you would hit your own chin, nothing will happen.
  3. Bruised Lee

    Bruised Lee Valued Member

    This guy is too fast to need an instructor
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  4. Bruised Lee

    Bruised Lee Valued Member

    Blazing fast actually
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  5. Pretty In Pink

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    Agreed. He just needs to become a pro fighter and make millions..... MILLIONS!
  6. aikiMac

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    LOL, oh my goodness, that brings back an uncomfortable memory! :p First time I was going to spar full speed, and full or almost full contact (but with helmet and mouthguard), I was so scared I thought I would wet my shorts in the ring (this was boxing). So, just before it was my turn, I went to bathroom to empty my bladder. :eek::oops:

    I don't have that problem now, but, ya, that was me the first time. I admit it. :p

    And for the OP, I echo what everyone else said. You're fast, I grant you that, but:
    (1) your punches are short -- you're not extending the arm all the way;
    (2) your hips are not moving much, which means it's all shoulder muscle, which means the punches are weak;
    (3) your posture and stance are wrong. You're not protecting your face between the punches, and you're leaning forward instead of standing with an upright spine. You're going to get knocked out standing like that.
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  7. LandonS

    LandonS Member

    Speed Boy-

    Your punches while fast....I dunno...I just couldnt see them being effective in any situation unless your going for a nut shot cuz thats the only way they'd have any effect. Punches that light anybody could just easily punch through that and hit you with something muuuuch more effective. Cuz thats the name of the game at the end of the day, you want to be effective. Your not training for the 2 foot punch hand speed olympics, your training for a martial art

    Thats the 4th time Ive retyped this message, this is how hard it is not to make wise ass comments about what youve put up. Stop what your doing and take whatever it is youve gained from working on this and apply it to something that has proven effective for a very long time...once you master something then tweak it or whatever if you want to put your own stamp on it but your videos...Im sorry...are incredibly laughable.
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  8. El Medico

    El Medico Valued Member

    If I got hit with one of them punches and found out about it I'd be somewhat peeved.
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