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    I was just wondering, who are the famous women MAists?

    I know Bruce Lee for the male side, but my ignorance has left me with a blank for the women's side.

    If anyone has a suggestion, name them please
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    Cynthia Rothrock, perhaps?
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    kathy Long, Muay Thai champion like 7 years running
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    I was thinking the same as the two guys above.

    Cynthia Rothrock - I'm told Kunf Fu, but could be Karate
    Kathy Long - I beleive Karate
    Karen Sheperd - As above
    Jenny Tang - Famous Tai Chi Master
    Diana Inosanto - Daughter of Dan
    Bow-Sim Mark - Famous Wushu and Tai Chi Master (mother of Donnie Yen)

    Thats all I can come up with.
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    Kathy Long is a World Kickboxing champion, and began her ma training with Aikido, Kung Fu and Shorin Ryu Karate.

    Cynthia Rothrock began with Tang Soo Do, at first, and then made a name for herself as a forms and weapons competitor. Later, came Kung Fu, which landed her small role in HK film work.

    Karen Shepard did begin with Shotokan karate and then trained in Kajukenbo (Karate, Ju-Jutsu, Judo, Kenpo and Kung Fu combo). She holds two Woman's Black Belt Kata Champion titles and helped establish a the women's rating system for tournament competition.

    June Castro is an 8th black belt, the highest ranked female instructors in the world. She began studying the art of Shaolin Kenpo Karate at the age of four, under her father, GM Ralph Castro. June is also an instructor in Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do Concepts.

    Stephanie Cheeva now a rising U.S. MA 'star" was a member of the Bulgarian National TKD Team winning 21 Gold Medals, 2 Silver and 1 Bronze and the titles of World Champion 1995, two time European Champion '92/'93, She is an eight time Bulgarian National Champion (1989 through 1995).She is also trained in several MA styles such as Kung Fu, Ju-Jitsu and Karate-Do. She has also earned the respect of and has worked with living TKD legends such as Hee Il Cho.

    The of course there is Yim Wing Chun who developed the style of WC
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    Cynthia Rothrock was actually the biggest female box office draw in Hong Kong for years. Her American stuff has been pretty abysmal. But she was a huge draw in HK.

    I'll add Graciela Casillas of kickboxing and serrada eskrima to the list.

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    Dana Hee: 1988 Olympic Gold Medalist-TKD, Actor/Stuntwoman

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    Excuse me Kathy, but Dana Hee..............yum....... :rolleyes:
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