Failed belt tests/ gradings

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    Missed these replies when I posted this 8 years ago, but seeing this thread revived.
    The judo org I was in had kata above green belt.
    Since having a better understanding of the different organisations in the many years since I did this (in mid 90s) I know that most other judo organisation have a different grading criteria.

    I learnt a lot from training there, so it was a shame that I felt the syllabus could have been better communicated, but all that I learnt there set me up for a solid foundation in general class training, and I mostly have great memories of my times there.

    Also found a video of my teacher who was on the BBC in 1965 when he started teaching judo.

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    Don't let it bother you at all. Guys like Miyamoto Musashi, Bruce Lee, Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson are eternal icons and legendary masters who focus on their art and fighting abilities. Aside from Kung Fu/Boxing, I train on a hybrid form of Taekwondo and Tang Soo Do in a private setting. Me and my teacher came to a conclusion that the testing is not based on forms but its based on having a ferocious cardio and freakishly good technique with every nuance intact. There are no test but the test is to have more good days than bad. Once the student is ready then the student gets a belt.

    No test is needed because life itself is the real test!

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