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Discussion in 'Women's Self Defence' started by Killbot, Feb 25, 2009.

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    Hello folks,

    Wow, this forum is a bit empty. how about I bring some life to it?

    I am curious if anyone here knows of or has any experince with this women's self-defense system.

    Long story short, I teach self-defense seminars in my area. A group from outside my area is offering these seminars.

    I'm curious as to how they compare to what I'm doing.

    Unfortunately, they don't allow men to participate (big red flag right there) or I would check one out myself.

    Is it very good, or is it alot of that yelling NO! kicking the guy in the big red suit in the balls stuff? Is the gound work legitimate? Are the escapes and principle realistic.

    I looked at some pictures and checked out the webite and found it to be quite lacking according to some pictures.

    Also, it seems like its one of those things where you can attend seminars and get certified...also big red flag.

    The teacher has been doing Tang Tsoo Do for almost three years but is certified to teach this stuff....kind of a red flag there too.

    I've spent alot of time and effort learning martial arts (FMA, BJJ, MMA) and developing selfdefense techniques for escape and prevention. I don't mind competition, being the good capitalist I am, but it irks me to see people selling confidence instead of defense.

    Any input is welcome! Thanks!
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    My opinion of Rape Escape

    Greetings from Tbilisi, Georgia!

    I wanted to provide my opinion of this system, though it is fair to note that this opinion is informed only by my observations of their DVD set which I purchased approximately 3 years ago. In general I find most of the concepts fairly standard to this industry of ours called "reality based self defense training", but where I do feel there is something to note is that Rape Escape seems to advocate going to the ground fairly early in an assault, which in my opinion is a dangerous concept to promote. Please allow me to be specific:

    In general RE supports the premise of placing the protector's physically strongest weapons (her legs) ALWAYS in between her and the attacker. Though I believe this can be sound concept in theory and in context, the method in which they achieve this is to almost immediately drop to the ground on her haunches and rotate such that her legs are available for kicking the attacker. For example, the response to a single or double hand/arm grab is to drop onto the ground and rotate such that her feet are in kicking position to counterattack the attacker. I think this is a questionable response and a DANGEROUS habit to build. My experience tells me that one should stay on your feet as long as possible in an assult and that if one ends up on the ground, goal number one is to get back up as quickly as possible. In anycase, that's my opinion.

    If you have any specific questions, please let me know.

    Hope that helps.
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    I really appricite your input! I didn't think anyone would respond to this. lol. I'm trying to get a feel for if I'm justifed on going to our local university and telling them that they want to switch over to me for doing prevention seminars. From the sounds of it, I may just do that.

    I'd never, ever, ever, ever teach someone who's goal is to escape an attack to ever disengage their means of escape by hitting the ground....stay on their feet to run. You can't run if your lying down. Plus you're fighting gravity if they are above you. I teach fighting on the ground and getting up to run unobstructed as a primary goal if the hit the ground.

    Whew, not sound advice at all sounds like.

    I might have some more questions for you. I really appricate the input! I'll PM you if I do.

    Thanks again!

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