Execution of a Kneebar.

Discussion in 'MMA' started by Yukimushu, Jan 23, 2005.

  1. Yukimushu

    Yukimushu MMA addict

    After attending a recent seminar, we were shown various different positions to which you can pull a knee bar from.

    Since this seminar, my knee bar's have greatly improved, and im amazed at just how many positions you can pull a kneebar from. I've been seeing them from side control, from closed guard, and in the odd scramble for a dominant position.

    Most of the luck comes from when a sparring partner leave's they're leg unguarded whilst they try stack me when im trying for the armbar.

    The problem is though, is sometimes I find it difficult to generate the power to crank the kneebar on once im in position (it normally takes a few seconds of repositioning); and im just interested in your personal experiances with the knee bar. Weather you can provide me with any tips, techniques or recommendations on the correct positioning to increase the leverage of the kneebar.
  2. YODA

    YODA The Woofing Admin Supporter

    It's just an armbar on a BIG arm - same principles apply :D
  3. alex_000

    alex_000 You talking to me?

    A bit off topic but I would appreciate if someone provided a good link with the proper execution of knee bars (or othe major leg locks).

    And please no "google it" comments , I know how to search but I want a good link from people who already know how to do it.

    Unfrortunatelly judo doesn't focus on leg locks as much as it should.

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  4. YODA

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  5. alex_000

    alex_000 You talking to me?

    thanks Yoda what took you so long ???


    edit: wow that is exactly what I was looking for. Cheers.
  6. Yukimushu

    Yukimushu MMA addict

    Wow, definatly going in my super ultimate faverioutes section! Who'd have thought someone would dedicated an entire website on JUST leglocks? :)
  7. YODA

    YODA The Woofing Admin Supporter

    If you haven't already - try to get some of Erik Paulson's tapes on "Killer Leglocks"
  8. Yukimushu

    Yukimushu MMA addict

    Erik Paulson has an instructional on leg locks? I'm gunna have to give it alook sometime.
  9. YODA

    YODA The Woofing Admin Supporter

    He has a few - they RAWK!
  10. johndoch

    johndoch upurs

    Great site, now in favourites

    Cheers Yoda :D
  11. Yukimushu

    Yukimushu MMA addict

    Rawk? Is that good or bad? I couldn't find it in the dictionary!
  12. Sever

    Sever Valued Member

  13. tekkengod

    tekkengod the MAP MP

    good link
  14. YODA

    YODA The Woofing Admin Supporter

    N0.7 has it :D
  15. Yukimushu

    Yukimushu MMA addict

    :eek: I feel old now :(
  16. YODA

    YODA The Woofing Admin Supporter

    I'm 22 years older than you matey :D
  17. Yukimushu

    Yukimushu MMA addict

    lol yeah, and your comming out with slang that I should know! :( Definatly the hippest 42 year old ive ever known! You wear Chute Boxe hoodies as well :D
  18. YODA

    YODA The Woofing Admin Supporter

    I go to rock gigs, wear LOTR jewelry and go Mountain Biking at weekends.

    What can I say? Hippest or mid-life crisis? LMAO :D
  19. pseudo999

    pseudo999 New Member

    Thank you for the link.
  20. wcrevdonner

    wcrevdonner Valued Member

    Nice website.

    We practice the bicycle kick and crab thing every lesson. Its really painful sometimes for the person standing up because you can get kicked in the shin and it really hurts!

    As for practising kneebars and stuuf, how fast can you practice them? I thought they were really dangerous, and that you can damage yourself really quickly when doing them...

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