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  1. E-Rocker

    E-Rocker Valued Member

    This weekend I get to go to a seminar to learn from one of my favorite teachers, Guro Rick Faye. I am quite excited, especially considering that I had to miss his local seminar last year. Sunday will be all Panantukan! Learning Panantukan from someone who really knows it is one of my most favorite things to do in martial arts. I am really looking forward to the weekend. And my best friend from my dojo (who is also my Jun Fan teacher) is going too, so I know I'll have a good training partner.
  2. Pretty In Pink

    Pretty In Pink Moved on MAP 2017 Gold Award

    Bad-ass man! I love panantukan! My instructor is certified under him too!

    Dead jealous, have fun! :)
  3. Ben Gash CLF

    Ben Gash CLF Valued Member

    Sifu Rick is an excellent teacher, you'll have a great time.
  4. LabanB

    LabanB Valued Member

    Sifu Rick Faye

    Got to train with Rick again recently at Mel Corrigans in Wigan. Excellent instructor and a full day of Panantukan!

    Hoping to make the MKG Instructors Conferenc ein Germany in May. Finances permitting :)

  5. Ben Gash CLF

    Ben Gash CLF Valued Member

    I would have been but arrival of new baby in May put an end to that idea.
  6. LabanB

    LabanB Valued Member


    Congratulations :)

  7. shootodog

    shootodog restless native

    Video it so you can have reference later on.
  8. E-Rocker

    E-Rocker Valued Member

    Not sure of Rick's policy, but a lot of seminar instructors I've met frown on being videod. I think it's because then, theoretically, their material could end up on the internet without their permission. I wouldn't do that, of course, but it is a legitimate concern. What my friends & I do in that situation is, when there's a rest break or lunch break, video ourselves doing the drills from the seminar. Obviously we won't be at the same level as the instructor, but it is a big help in remembering what we learned.
  9. shootodog

    shootodog restless native

    How'd it go?
  10. E-Rocker

    E-Rocker Valued Member

    It was really good. Training was awesome and a buddy I typically only see at MA seminars was there. The venue was a bit odd: it was at a BJJ school, which was in a shopping mall. The school was right next to a big department store, so fairly often shoppers would stop and watch us for a few minutes before carrying on with their shopping trip.

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