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  1. HeadKick44

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    I am a low ranking blackbelt from a more rigid (strict) dojang. I would like to learn Nunchaku, and there is a master instructer who is proficient in them. Would it be proper for me to ask him to teach me even though it is not part of the normal curriculum? I don't want to go somewhere besides my dojang as I feel it be almost betraying the place that taught me. Help.
  2. J-kid

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    why wouldnt it be ok to ask???
  3. flyingblackbelt

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    you can never know too much about martial arts. Just because your learning something that your style does not have does not mean that you are abandoning them. Always remember though, its good to learn new stuff, but not at the risk of losing your old knowledge. Dont concentrate on a new set of techniques and forget your old set, that's not gaining knowledge, its just shifting knowledge.
  4. KickChick

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    ... does that mean that it would hurt to ask??:confused:

    good insight fb!! ;)

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