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Discussion in 'Tai chi' started by nzric, Sep 22, 2003.

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    Since the history of taijiquan is so open to debate, it is hard to decifer the true path. But, to an extent, who cares? If the guy is following the principles of the art, according to his own level of understanding, then great. It's when someone teaches taiji, but has no substance to their teaching that we should be wary of.

    Erle Montaigue has been teaching for many years, and throughout that time I will assume that he is continuing to deepen his own understanding of what is going on. He has a lot to teach people, and he has taught a lot of people. True, he has made some money through his teaching, but I do not believe that it was at the expense of the art. From the videos I have seen he seems like a nice bloke and while I won't be making a trip to Wales to see him, I would if he were closer at hand. Probably only for a workshop though.

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    Ok, I started this thread with a real question. Everyone's had their chance to put their point across and as I noted in the very first post, this was supposed to be a fairly civil discussion.

    Opening discussion and analysis of any one teacher can be inviting disagreement, but this has been an attempt to keep a civil discussion about a colourful character in the world of taiji. Erle himself readily admits he doesn’t toe the traditional line and has had public disagreements with other teachers for all sorts of reasons. That is why he has opened himself to criticism and anyone who has contact with him will probably ask the same questions I did – why is he controversial?

    Everyone has a clear opinion on the topic, which we’ve had more than enough time to air, and we should leave it to members and noobs draw their own conclusions.
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