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Discussion in 'Western Martial Arts' started by Geordie Boy, Jan 27, 2004.

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    On-Topic (Kinda)

    Bringing us back on-topic (kinda) and too answer OBCT's question...

    It would be interesting to hear of surviving info regarding English MA esoteric teachings....

    I do know that there is recorded evidence of esoteric and practical 'feats' that were combative skills developed by Highland Scots and probably came from the legendary martial training in Scotland of CúChulainn, described in the Tain Bo Chuailagne – (the Cattle Raid of Cooley). They also taught forms of meditative practices, herbal medicine & protective prayers.

    In Ireland the Bretha dein checht, an ancient Irish legal text, lists 12 vulnerable areas of the body or "12 doors of the soul". Corresponding points in Chinese martial arts are said to disrupt chi, causing knockouts or even death…..

    1. The top of the head, i.e. the crown or the suture
    2. The hollow of the occiput
    3. The hollow of the temple
    4. The apple of the throat (‘Adam’s apple’)
    5. The hollow of the breast (suprasternal fossa), i.e. cavity of the throat
    6. The armpit
    7. The breast-bone (sternum)
    8. The navel
    9. The bend of the elbow (antecubital fossa)
    10. The hollow of the ham (popliteal fossa)
    11. The bulge of the groin (femoral triangle)
    12. The sole of the foot

  2. OBCT

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    Thanking you for that, I shall now peruse google for 'Bretha dein checht' and 'Tain Bo Chuailagne'.
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    I think that it was your definition of a Martial art that was regarded as somewhat obstructive to the topic; which is trying to dig up as much info as possible on english martial arts. If you had posted your definition of what a martial art is on the thred "Fencing" in the Weapons-forum or "is wresteling a martial art"; it would IMHO been much more relevant, as defining the consept martial arts have been heavily discussed on those threads.
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    Ok Stolenbjorn, thanks for that. I thought it was relevent cos i didn't think wrestling and boxing were defined as martial arts, but if the masses don't agree then fair enough, point taken. i can at least learn from other posters better knowledge.
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    Don't forget...

    the Art of Drunken Kebabbing. Can be seen every fri/sat nite! :)
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    Forgive me for my ignorance but what is the occiput Louie?
    Also i already know about the armpit being one of the vital points but how exactly do you attack the armpit and what does it do to you if you are struck on the armpit in the right place?

    btw i'd just like to say that this western martial arts forum is a real eye opener and very interesting too. :)
  7. Cudgel

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    I think that the hollow of the occiput is the eye socket.
  8. Louie

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    The Pits!

    Hi Funkymonk,

    Occiput: The back of the head. A direct borrowing of the Latin word for the part of the head opposite the front.

    The armpit would be attacked in the case of a swordsman raising his arm to strike a blow!!! The attacker would preferably be holding a sharp object, cutting arteries and disabling the swordarm.

    There is a story of two Roman fighters who fought each other to a standstill, eventually it was decided that they take single shots at each other. The first tried a punch to the head but was unsuccessful. It was now his opponent's turn, he asked him to raise his arm and struck him in the armpit area, killing him!!!

    I believe in Chinese PPoint fighting, a blow to this area affects the heart, causing unconsciousness or death.

  9. Pat OMalley

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    It is also used in FMA, if you thrust the right arm pit with a stick, it can cuase the heart to flutter or cause a heart attack. Obviously if struck with blade death can follow.

    I only mention FMA simply because we know it has been influenced by WMA, so a lot of similarities me thinks.:D


  10. Cudgel

    Cudgel The name says it all

    I think it would most definatly follow :D
    I cant rember exactly how fast a person will bleed out if you sever the brachial artery but I beleive it is less than a minute with unconscienceness coming in a matter of seconds.
  11. jinroh-81

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    There is also Cornish Wrestling, some Cornish people might be upset with me for categorising Cornish Wrestling as an English martial art. Many apologies in advanced, I heard it's quite devastating though.
  12. Rob Lovett

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    Cornish Wrestling is an English Martial Sport :), but I would imagine that if you put in all the things that are illegal then you would get a bit closer to the art that it is meant to represent :) - English it definately is:)

  13. Louie

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    Brit-Celt Wrestling

    The traditional British/Celtic forms of wrestling were devastating when you remember that they were practiced with wooden clogs & metal shod boots which they used to crack :) their opponents shins!!

  14. Rob Lovett

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    But that was just for fun! What did they do when they were serious?


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