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  1. wrydolphin

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    Ha, starting work at a new hospital this weekend. I haven't worked since Oct when I walked out of my old job due to disagreement with management (I thought patients should be safe, management thought money should be safe). Looking forward to working, though not looking forward to leaving my baby.
  2. Fish Of Doom

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  3. Aegis

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    Fantastic news, nice work :D
  4. Very nice, congrats :)

  5. Frodocious

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    Congratulations! :)
  6. Zabrus

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    That's great!!

    Nowadays, almost everywhere, the work situation is quite worse than 4 years ago.
  7. Hannibal

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    Woot! Woot! Woot!

    Great news!
  8. Seventh

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    Absolutely fantastic, congratulations!

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