Emergecy - Ninjutsu Vs Wing Chun Vs Other Arts

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by myusername, Nov 4, 2002.

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    give me a feedback please

    Hi guys. I'm from Naples, in Italy, and i did karate, shaolin KF, brasilian JJ and now i am faceing bujinkan. I suggest to face one reality. Today there are certain tools for fighting. If we are seriously intent to hurt a guy or even defend ourselves to survive we just have to bla bla bla pull the trigger. If u think about it, studing any martial art for about decads to get to be an excellent martial artist is pretty worthless in front of the chance of being killed by a fifteen years old jerk with a gun. Now, if u want to practice any martial art to... kinda grow up, knowing aourselves, get to know the philosophy about it, make it yours, make a relation with the parthner, witch isn't ment to be an enemy, then Aikido would fit it all, would be perfectly fine for anyone. Otherwise i suggest some six-twelve months advanced course for self-defending. I also suggest to learn many MAs different styles if u want to make hollywood movies.

    OK, no guns, maybe lawful, maybe little bit of pirate style, not becouse u are forced to fight but becouse u actually live a life with high % chance to get into one, and you like it, you are excited, you are smileing, inside at least, and you want to win; We A r e Richs ! It is not the thousands years ago in China, Today there is Plenty of... objects, tools. anywhere but the Sahara desert, different envoirments that u can Use to get to win the fight, and u need to learn, not how to fight anywhere, but how just let the "anywhere" fight foryou. It's beautifull! Think about it.
    A friend of mine told me about a punch that makes a lot of damage becouse of his WC martial artist quickness, i also learned about 130 punches in /ten secs... this seems way particular and limited thinking about a good way to fight if u are not loocking to a Monkey d Rufy gomu no jet cataling. You can always plan to get an armour, and then you need to be stressed from the inside to get hurt, WC punches would be a little bit useless, u can also get some weapons without being stuck by the police, witch ones, an umbrella in the winter season and a skateboard in the summer. Dont u know? i was thinking about a weapon to carry with me without being stuk by the police, and i talked about it in a pub with some friends, then i went to bed, and i dreamed about useing a skateboard like bruce lee's nuncha' and when i woke up i took my skateboard and the tecniques were amazingly makeing themeselves, it's also good like a shield.

    If u are going to ninjitsu then dont just execute the techniques, sometimes all the training parthners make the difference, and they may be more important then the teacher, u need to feel the moves, u need to keep focus and u need to feel the risk to get hurt, otherwise would take ages, you know about being good in the streets.

    About the brasilian jj and the m tai. First one is makeing u an easy target for anyone else around the battle place, the second one is way vulnerable to any creative weapon user.
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    Did you just discover the internet today?
    Also where can I learn brasilian jj sounds way cooler than this brazilian stuff I'm doing.
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    why say that?
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    Because you rezed an ancient thread to say a bunch of stuff thats all been said many many times before (with better spelling and grammar on some occasions)
    To be helpful here's a good article on the subject you seem to be addressing:
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    i dont care so much. i did like 7 months bujinkan. its nothing. i had today my first wing chun lesson, it was nice. i like both and both are totally different. i have questions. i dont know if/what/how/ start/keep, if it makes any sense to me, i dont know
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    Doesn't matter which is better 'objectively' it matters which has a good instructor that you can train with.

    Seriously, this general thought needs to be a sticky on every MA forum:

    Go to every martial arts school that you would really and reasonably be able to travel to 1-3 times a week for years. Pick the one you like the best. Kick-your-ass-death-blast ryu may be the ultimately d34d1y martial art, but if the nearest instructor is on Mars, it's not much use to you.
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    i dont think the instructor makes the difference. But would u ever study Any martial arts if you know for sure 100% that u will never need to fight anyone?
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    you want to learn REALISTIC self defence by training to be a ninja
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    ninjitsu is not a sport. why one oldest martial art shouldnt be realistic, meaning effective in real fight? in any situation, in any envoriment.
    i can tell u that most of the ppl practiceing ninjitsu in my course are not so much capable of selfdefending. My instructor is i guess. the simple guy i met this evening seem to be very capable of self defending.
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    Wrong and yes I love MA but I have no intention of ever using it outside of class or friendly sparring. I suppose it could happen but it would require a rather odd set of circumstances that I do my best to avoid. Really its something that one should peruse for its own sake not to become a deadly street fighting ninja leave that to Ken and Ryu.
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    It's all irrelevant if it's not trained in the right way. Read up over other threads on how to train effectively and look for a teacher that will make sure you train properly, or whatever techniques you learn, however well they work in class, won't count for snot when you get jumped.

    Congrats on the thread necro btw, five years has to be some kind of record.
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    i think, that speaking good with someone who argue with u and useing an art martial to control him without hurting him, without damage him would help a lot your words to be effective. U can create with martial arts without damageing if u help urself with talking with the heart. Avoiding is not the solution, it s just like no comunication, ignorance. i dont like it. u can love with punchs. and u cant love with blades.
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    i just searched for wing chun bujinkan.

    im interested in what u sayd, and i want to ask, do u think that chinise way to teach could be better then jappanise? they want kata, i mean... do they really teach u how to be effective in real? i think, could be better training with protection to feel the attacks, and teach the reflexes i dont know i want answers.
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    You might want to work on the whole words bit first, it seems to be a stumbling point for you.

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    what is BDSM FTW?
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    :D You'll find out when you're older.
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    im 29 from some days. im from italy i dont like BVS MNDG and all those ckin ways to say words or entire sentences with 2 letters.

    i still have questions. i think, in any martial art you need to learn how to move, sprint, in any direction, and wing chun seems to be down in this. i like being able to move my body 2 meters away in any direction fast and quick,

    ninjitsu has the KAMAE. wing chun has the Quickness.
    pls help me to COMPARE

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    I'm guessing that this is a language issue. Because I can't really imagine anyone suggesting that the instructor doesn't make a difference. Even at the most basic level, some instructors are better than others. Then there's differences in priorities, experience levels (both within their style and in real life), etc.

    Of course instructors make a difference. So I'm thinking I've misunderstood something here.
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    my point exactly.
    and Glandf what everyone is talking about is that when you bring back a topic that hasnt been posted on in years it revives arguments thay may have been resolved, and is just quite irritating to other more veteran users. i meen im going on to my second year of college. when this post was originally made i was in the 6th grade, fantasizing about the 12 year old next to me. ( good times, life was so simple:))

    what everyone is talking about with your grammer is that its difficult to read. what might help is to right what you wanna say in Microsoft word, then have the program make the corrections for you.

    also what will help you on in your life in MAP is to remember an old zen proverb: simplified: if a man wants to see oceans, he must first leeve his own puddle.

    as for the ennetial subject. Im sure the enflux of more grapplng combat combined with the modern MMA as well tons of videos and articles on the internet about what actually works in a reall combat situation having become known and prevalent in the years since the post. Is more then enough to show you what is actually effective in combat. go watch any millitary personal train and you see what they do. im not trying to start another TMA vs MMA debate, so i will leeve it at that.

    beuty in martial arts is wonderful, and combat should be avoided at as much as possible. However, the key word is martial art. Not performance art. So for the man that actually wants to be able to defend themselves. training with as much resistance, realism, and over all simplicity should be what matters most. you cant ride a bike without actually riding it, you cant do math without actually doing math problems, and you cant learn to fight without actually fighting in your training.

    I hope this is helpful.

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