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Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by myusername, Nov 4, 2002.

  1. myusername

    myusername New Member

    I wanna get some opinions by some experianced martial artists.... I am looking for something realistic , almost complete and working 200% (not 100 percent heh ;p) for real fights on the streets .... against skilled persons or not ....

    I am thinking to join Ninjutsu(Bujinkan) or Wing Chun Delta (BY YIP MAN > Myu Yut <) ..... POLE: what's the best to choose?.... i am looking something 200% effective almost complete if possible...AND REALISTIC as i said before..

    Btw , if you know other arts than ninjutsu / wing chun and you are sure that they suit me perfectly by reading that description above , lemme know! - (Except martial sports - don't like them)
  2. dom

    dom New Member

    hey man i understand that you want an art for real self defence for street fighting people say try arnis or kick boxing but every martial art has a flow every art is difrent must are set up due to your size muscle and speed i say if your quik wingchun is very cordinated but it is the art made by a woman to teach you open hand only it also is the study of all arts to use one's art agianst they other to beat one you must beat them in their own game is their philophy. if you like ningitsu is also very fast and use of weapons surondings and presure points. if you r not quick go with brazilian jujitsu for size if you strong try sombition wrestling and kick boxing all arts are difrent due to diffrent people but i say the best art of all is the art of not fighting you no fight you no lose im not saying let som one kill you by any means just fight when necesary why you learn to fight today is so you wont have to tomorrow. i'd e say try looking at youre stature and the nature of the art and school if you dont like them go with traditonal teacher might be more effective . but for a true wide spread of martial arts you might want to keep an open mind and pick more than just one art don't ever strain youre self to just one art so you might be better off withan elective art like jkd or wun hopkundo ok there is my answer but you need to make the decison.
  3. Solane

    Solane New Member

    I can only comment on ninjutsu (Bujinkan). It is a very effective art in that you can adapt it to yourself. I am quite slow in comparison to my younger brother. Both of us are 1st Dan’s. But I have seen some of the senior students in their 60’s take out the younger students with ease and not speed.

    My instructors generally have Dan’s in a number of martial arts. My Scottish instructor had practiced karate, jujitsu, Wing Chun & Ninjutsu both Bujinkan & Genbukan.
    He doesn’t read this site yet but I have sent him the addresse. He would be able to make a better comparison, but he prefers Ninjutsu but does think Wing Chun has stuff to offer like teaching you to slow down your technique’s and precision etc.
    I an sure some of the other instructors on this site will be able to give you a better comparison.

    One thing I would say is even if what you chose is the best of the best if you don’t enjoy the system you won’t excel in it as it will be more a chore than a pleasure. If you enjoy what you do you will be more likely to make it work in real life.

  4. Cougar_v203

    Cougar_v203 4th surgery....Complete!

    I would go with ninjutsu
  5. dom

    dom New Member

    in all arts the teacher allways can contor the tempo of any game but one whom aquires the same knowledge would lose toone that is quicker mentaly and phisicaly for every move there is another to stop it get out it is only if you know and every move there are 7 diffrent ways to block or move out off the way some have more some have less i can also go slow with many pepole to defeate them it is amind game your teachis fast when and where he has to be in the mind.
  6. Freeform

    Freeform Fully operational War-Pig Supporter

    Wanna get good fast then its WC.

    Bujinkan has a greater range of things to teach, you could say its more comprehensive (waits for the backlash) but will take you longer to be effective in a scrap.


  7. dom

    dom New Member

    you say nigitsu is the best some one else says wingchunn and i say thereis known that is the best because how could you ever tell that this art is the best there s tomany arts and to many martialatist out ther you just have to find one that is rigth for you and your body type and personality if you want ot know wichis better wingchun or ningitsu invite 4 first degree black belts in nigitsu and 4 first degree black belts in wingchun and have a tornament how passes first round to represent there art you give them 1 point second roun2points and sonon and at the end when you toal the point up you'll know wich one was the best you can't say a jet kun do is the best because of brucelee or ryu of nigitsu is the best because of frank dux or judo' jujitsu,akido combined is the best do to jigaro kano now they were the best martial artist probaly ever to live if they worth to fight some one the would win with their art but if some one else had to repesent it they might not be nearly as effective in that art that why you need to have a tournament with all styles like the kumite but that was only for the best of the best but know adays theres so many elective arts and there are so many arts that never got to be in kumite so it has becom unrelevant other wise the best art would be ryu nigitsu due to frank dux because no body ever won that tornament as many times as he did then next would have be kung fu wich came from the shaolin tempo. oh yeah what good is it to have all you opponents on the floor bleeding as a defence es no defence the best defece is to have no defence in athoer word not to fight if you fight you ve already lost no mader you win you loss because if you fight you have more of a chance to get hit then when you avoid fighing but if you have to fight of course in all means fight but dont fight for pride fight for life fight for some one elese life or if you see somone beingharmed
  8. Solane

    Solane New Member

    My god try putting some full stops and commas in your post. :)

    I understood it because I use to write like that years ago as I’m dyslexic, but to many people were passing out (especially if reading out loud) or getting headaches trying to read what I posted.

    Also helps if you can put in paragraphs not as daunting to read.

    Some good points raised though.

  9. pgm316

    pgm316 lifting metal

    Is this the bad grammer thread ;)

    I do Wing Chun but not Ninjutsu, so I can't offer any advice unlike some people that study just one! :D

    As FF mentioned Ninjutsu is probably a more rounded style. Does that mean its better? And whether either teach enough grappling is another matter and is probably down to the instructors you train with.

    Anybody trained in both to a decent level that can offer a good comparison?
  10. Solane

    Solane New Member

    Hehe PGM316

    That’s why I always write my replies in word before copy and pasting into the post. :)
    Doesn’t always pick up bad grammar though.

    My instructor taught me 1 or 2 of the standing techniques for meditation from Wing Chun. He also taught a visiting German student some Wing Chun blocks and strikes to help him with his TKD black belt grading.
    My instructor firmly believed one of the fastest MA’s was Wing Chun because of the slowness that you practice your techniques; he said it became internalized better. So when you react you will be faster than you thought. From the demonstrations I have seen it isn’t far from the mark. That’s my limited exposure to Wing Chun. :)

    That’s why I only tried to give an overview of Ninjutsu from my point of view.
    Maybe if you give Myusername an overview of Wing Chun from your point of view Pgm316 it will help him make a decision if he hasn’t already. Also feel free to point out any misconceptions I may have of Wing Chun.

  11. pgm316

    pgm316 lifting metal

    I wasn't picking on your post Solane! & I use Word myself usually ;)

    I can't really add much to the thread knowing little about ninjutsu. I can only answer specific WC questions.

    What is it that your instructor prefers in ninjutsu over WC?

    If myusername can find a decent club to train at either style would then fit his needs.
  12. Solane

    Solane New Member

    Very true.
    As I said earlier if you enjoy what you do you will be more effective than picking something because you thought it was the best.
    I think my Scotish instructor likes Ninjutsu because it is a well-rounded style. As for why he stopped Wing Chun I cannot remember. He would be better answering this himself. As I have not trained with him in 19 months since moving back to England. That sounds awfully long when said like that but seems like it was only the other day, funny how the mind works.


    MyUsername you originaly posted on the 4th Nov 02 have you made a choice yet between the 2 or have you gone for something different?
  13. pgm316

    pgm316 lifting metal

    From what I've heard, WC is the less rounded style. Although WC is very good at what it teaches you. I've trained in other styles ie Judo to get what I felt I was missing.

    In that sense, WC is like MT, its a very focused art. Very good at what it does but with weaknesses.
  14. Freeform

    Freeform Fully operational War-Pig Supporter

    So is the question, do we want to excell at one area, or be average in many?

  15. mild7

    mild7 Valued Member

    Remember, you can't have your cake and eat it as well.

    With that saying in mind, if you want to become a competent fighter I would recommend 2 arts:

    1)Muay Thai(MT)
    2)Brazilian Jiujitsu(BJJ)

    In addition to these, you should do PLENTY of research on the side.(on fight psychology etc). I highly recommend reading books by Geoff Thompson as a starting point.
    Muay Thai will give you all the striking you need, and clinch work. BJJ will give you the ground, and answers the question as to what to do if you are forced down there. It also gives you the ultimate answer to finish off a man-to-man fight.(take the fight to the ground and remove his striking tools).

    Now here is where the saying above comes into play; FACT IS, not many ppl will be willing or even able to put up with the rigors of the two arts above. To go through MT and BJJ, you will need to put up with full-force sparring. Your ego will be hurt. You will have to take your training more seriously than most. And a whole lot more of other problems.

    If you are not willing to put up with that, just go for the WC or ninjutsu. These are pretty fine arts IMO as well. With the lack of fullcontact training here you will never reach your optimal ability.
    But then again, do you need to? All you need in the end is to survive.

    Think carefully before you invest!
  16. pgm316

    pgm316 lifting metal

    Noticed you just happen to be doing BJJ & MT mild7! :D

    Don’t you feel BJJ has the striking techniques you need? Many people would rather find one club that fits all there needs.

    I think you’ve made a lot of assumptions about WC and Ninjutsu. How hard you train and whether or not its full contact is not dictated by the style.

    Agreed, in general MT clubs will probably have the most full contact. Although where I train fits my needs, we don’t tickle each other while training. We also do a reasonable amount of grappling, but isn’t this the case for many clubs that get stereotyped as striking only or light contact[?]

    ps whats the point of having cake if you can't eat it :confused: :D
  17. mild7

    mild7 Valued Member

    LOL @ pgm.

    Ironically, I don't do Muay Thai now. I do straight up BJJ at the moment. In the past I have trained in ninjutsu(bujinkan) so I know that even the most hardcore school pales in comparison to the rigors of a MT camp.

    Also, BJJ striking? LOL, that is as laughable as Judo atemi. See, I am an honest objective man.

    One thing I have to say about Ninjutsu(bujinkan). It is good for the passive student. The instructor will basically spoonfeed you general street concepts and applications. Pretty good. But if you're proactive with your training, and do research, attend seminars etc you can be just as adept at application even if you do a ring art like MT.

    it's all good at the end of the day. check yourself first, then check out the art.
  18. pgm316

    pgm316 lifting metal

    Wise words! :)
  19. Brad Ellin

    Brad Ellin Baba

    Spoonfed? Hmm... not my instructor. With him, we have to steal his art. Much like with Soke. But, I do agree with your parting words, very true.
  20. April25

    April25 New Member

    EBMAS Wing Tzun

    I just came across your posting. If you are still looking for a martial art that works 200% then I can recommend EBMAS. I live in Chicago, IL and I was attacked on the train once. It was awful. I promised myself that this never happens again. So I went to several martial arts schools here.
    But there was no school that taught women how to defend men. Most techniques they showed required muscle strength and a certain body height.

    Then I visited the local EBMAS school in Chicago. During the introduction I felt that this was what I was looking for. And I joined. The training was hard and really good. And here is what is weired. About 6 months later I went clubbing with another friend of mine. Two guys came up and tried to pull us in a dark alley. My friend was screaming for help, but nobody came. I remembered my training and used some very effective techniques. The next thing I remember was that the one guy was on the ground and did not move and the other guy let go of my girl friend and ran away. We immediately called the Police and they put this one guy in jail.

    My friend joined EBMAS Chicago as well and we feel much safer now. I recommend this school to everyone who is seriously interested in self-defense.

    Oh and here is their website www.wt-chicago.com

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