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Discussion in 'Kuk Sool' started by AirNick, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. psbn matt

    psbn matt great sage = of heaven

    can have your country's flag aswell.
  2. AirNick

    AirNick Valued Member

    Sorry but what is a school logo?
  3. ember

    ember Valued Member

    So, like, who is it? And was that taken at Baek Dam Sa, or somewhere else?

  4. Silentmonk

    Silentmonk The Blue Donkster!!

    Its Master Simms back in the day. I have no idea where it was taken though :)
  5. ember

    ember Valued Member

    Ah, okay. I seem to recall someone imitating the pic at Baek Dam Sa.

    Bunch of people all over the place running around with General's uniforms (or not), taking pictures in stances all over the place... mental :)

  6. AirNick

    AirNick Valued Member

    Haha, that was me and a few others!
  7. You Won Hwa

    You Won Hwa Valued Member

    But, but, his stance! it isn't 90 degrees, only like 92! How could that be Master Sims?? Had he already been holding it a long time?
  8. Choiyoungwoo

    Choiyoungwoo Guest

    this is another example of the pro system---- anti school/instructor set up in wksa......in the rest of the MA world, when you have a school you put your schools logo on your uniform AND the style/system patch. It seems to really give the school it's own identity, having all affilliates with no individual identity leads toward more of a Mc dojo appearance. "all are the same no matter which one you go to" (which I don't agree with as KJN Byung in Lee is infinently more capable to teach compared to the avg 1st dan school owner) Don't you think?
  9. Silentmonk

    Silentmonk The Blue Donkster!!

    its the camera angle i think. :) 4 days 6 hours and 23 mins so not long for him :D
  10. ImaJayhawk

    ImaJayhawk Valued Member

  11. Silentmonk

    Silentmonk The Blue Donkster!!

    OUCH just made one up, added the postage, and was going to pay over 100 dollars for a belt. I think I'll find one over here somewhere. Does anyone know where you can get a plain belt from??? In England???? My mum embroiders really well and is loads cheaper than that. :eek:
  12. Wolf

    Wolf Totalitarian Dictator

    Wait, are you trying to say that KJN Lee is somehow a more qualified and better teacher than me? :eek: I mean, I've had my 1st degree for almost a year now! :D
  13. Kwajman

    Kwajman Penguin in paradise....

    What you might do is to check in the phone book under embroidery. Call a few places and ask if they can do foreign languages. What I did for my current belt is to buy the plain black belt, took it to someone who did the embroidery and using an interpretor, had them put on what I wanted. I don't wear my old schools belt anymore because I didn't think it was right since I don't go there anymore. So I have a little bit more generic belt but with some interesting Korean writing.
  14. ember

    ember Valued Member

    Cool. Good times, that. Which bus were y'all on? I ended up on bus 5 for a short bit in Busan, I got a few of KJN Alex's lectures on video. The Spain contingent was there, and translating, so I got to hear everything twice! :D

  15. AirNick

    AirNick Valued Member

    Ummm, bus 6 I think. It was the main UK bus, we had KJN Alex most of the time, I think he went between ours and 5.
  16. Silentmonk

    Silentmonk The Blue Donkster!!

    Haha tracked down and placed an order for a belt at local embroidery shop will let you know how it turns out. :)

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