Embarrassing Testing Mistakes

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by TXKukSoolBB, May 6, 2005.

  1. TXKukSoolBB

    TXKukSoolBB Valued Member

    What was your most embarrassing mistake/accident that you have made or have seen during a belt/stripe testing?

    Here is mine: As I was going through one of my BB testings, we were going through different kicks. I was getting tired and winded...and was not listening to the commands as clearly as I should have. As the Master asked the group of 100 people are so to relax for a second, I executed a side kick with a loud and strong "kee-ahp." The second I realized that I was the only one who did a kick...and how quiet it was...there was a moment of silence. Maybe 2-3 seconds...although it felt like an hour, the Master looked at me and said "bless you" as if I had sneezed. Everyone began to laugh including myself. Then we got back to testing. Even to this day, when I see a few of the guys who were there that day, the will say "bless you" when they see me.
  2. KickChick

    KickChick Valued Member

    WOW ... that alott of people testing at once!

    Not sure what belt rank I was being promoted to, but at one test I had uncontrollable hiccups (and was trying to pay them no mind but...) I was told by the Master Instructor that I failed the test. :eek:

    Hiccups gone!

    ... actually the master was just scaring me so as my hiccups would go away.)
  3. Davey Bones

    Davey Bones New Member

    tripped on short one. leg up to one leg stance, leg back down, me off balance. fortunately, I didn't sprawl.

    darn nereves, lol. then again, it was better the second time around :p
  4. Kyle_s7

    Kyle_s7 New Member

    It wasnt really a test but I was showing off to my friends because they all do MA's that I know I can beat (wont list just incase someone gets offended). Anyway they throught they were better than me so so they all wanted to test me skills. They all spared with me to prove me wrong. The very first thing I did in the first fight was try a kick ive only seen my cousin do :bang: . (wont list it either). I landed on my ass and they ALL started to laugh theyre buts off :eek: . I was so embarresed because I been telling them for so long how much they suck. Well I got up and continued the fight and stayed away from that kick. I beat the crap out of everyone then they were the ones who were embarresed. But when I fell I literally felt like crying and runing back to my house.
  5. Darkclownxx

    Darkclownxx Valued Member

    farting is always a issue :rolleyes: :love:
  6. Talyn

    Talyn Reality Hacker

    When doing hand blocks (hand block 2 for any Lau Gar practitioners), during my blue sash grading, I performed the block, missed out the counter and stepped back. It took me about ten seconds to realise that I'd made a mistake and my instructor just looked at me and then we laughed at it.
  7. chrispy

    chrispy The Hunter

    I've done this twice in class, but not during a grading...

    so i'm sparring with a guy in my class and go for a high-ish round kick... well I guess I kicked higher than i intended because my body said 1)if you kick that high you are going to tear your groin, or 2)I'm going to drag the other leg along for the ride. Do instead of tearing, the foot that is on the ground comes up as well. Sensei said I was pretty much horizoltal in the air at waist height last time before i came crashing down.

    I had a good laugh about that.

    Another was ripping the butt out of my karate pants doing a face breakfall, no everytime we do breakfalls in class Sensei will go "an no ripping your pants, that's Chris' signature"
  8. Trinity

    Trinity New Member

    Doing a grading in jujitsu i was doing ground work and i was the only one doing the grading so all attention was on me. There was two sensai and 3 sempai doing inspecting and a whole lot of students watching. I mentioned to my so called friend (partner) who had me in side control that i needed to break wind so the mongrel quickly pushed down on my stomach, i lest say EXPLODED with such noise it scared me.
  9. Kwajman

    Kwajman Penguin in paradise....

    Fell and broke my foot.
  10. TXKukSoolBB

    TXKukSoolBB Valued Member

    OK, I just about fell out of my chair on that one. :D

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