Elvis & JFK vs. Mummy

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    “if you see only one elvis vs. mummy movie this year, see Bubba Ho-Tep.”

    This is a great B movie. From Don Coscarelli (Phantasm movies) and starring Bruce Campbell (Army of Darkness, Briscoe County, Jr., etc) and Ossie Davis (many, many things - including Stephen King's "The Stand") and written by Joe R. Lansdale (visit the Lansdale's Self-Defense link in my sigline).

    In this movie, Elvis (played by Bruce Campbell) and JFK (played by Ossie Davis) are residents of a retirement home in East Texas. JFK discovers that a mummy is killing people in the home and enlists Elvis in the fight against the mummy.

    It's funny and very tongue-in-cheek while also being a very good tribute to Elvis (even if it is in a twisted sort of way).

    It has been literally filling theaters everywhere it plays - including every independent film festival it's played for the past year and a half or so.

    Look here for locations and showtimes

    If it's playing near you, I'd highly recommend going to see it - especially if you enjoy campy B movies that are incredibly well done.

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    I've often wondered how Kenpo would work on The Mummy and now I can finally have that question answered... Thank You, Bubba Ho-Tep!

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