Elite XC "Unfinished Business" review **SPOILERS!!!**

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    OK, if you don't want to read any spoilers, don't go beyond this point.

    First, caught a bit of the preshow on Showtime. There was a decent fight between Wilson Reis (pronounced "Hayes", he's Brazilian) and Brian Caraway at Featherweight, I think. Reis scored more takedowns but started to gas early, however, Caraway kept trying to land flying knees, which is probably why he got taken down so much. But it was alright, Caraway showed some striking and guard skills. Rafael Cavalcante, who counts Anderson Silva and Big Nog amongst his coaches, beat Canadian Travis Galbraith with strikes in the first. I didn't watch the last fight, but Bigfoot Antonio Silva beat Justin Eilers for the vacant EXC Heavyweight title.

    The first match on CBS was unorthodox grappler Shanya Baszler vs. Cris "Cyborg" Santos, wife of the man that shares the same nickname. I was kind of pulling for Baszler 'cause of the Josh Barnett/Eddie Bravo connection, but I'd heard that Cyborg was kind of a female Wanderlei. And, um, yeah, that last part was true. Baszler went for a number of subs, mostly leglocks, in the first, but Cyborg kept up a pretty good pace. Baszler was gassed by the second, and Cyborg basically KO'd her twice. A punch flurry dropped Baszler and Cyborg went off to celebrate, even jumping on the cage top, but the ref hadn't called the match yet, so she just did the same thing again, and kept punching 'til the ref stepped in this time. Scarry woman.

    Jack Shields beat Nick Thompson very quickly for the vacant EXC Welterweight belt. He'd got a front headlock in a quick scramble that resulted in a mounted guillotine choke.

    Up next was Nick Diaz vs. Thomas Denny. Denny gave Diaz some problems with leg kicks and actually had Diaz's back once or twice, but Diaz's punches were too much on the feet. I couldn't understand why the much shorter Denny kept trying to throw knees at Diaz. He showed some heart, though, taking punches that would have laid out other people, but by the second it was too much.

    Last fight was the rematch between Scott Smith and Robbie Lawler. Smith had Lawler retreating most of the first, landing some heavy punches and kicks. In the second, Smith scored with some elbows from the clinch, including opening up a cut on the top of Lawler's head. However, Lawler kept fighting, pushed Smith up against the fence, and punished his body with knees 'til Smith fell, and the ref stopped it after some GNP from Lawler. Just an observation, Smith seems kind of soft in the body. This is the third fight I've seen him really hurt with body shots.

    That's all. Action was OK, and again the women's match was probably the best one on the card. Shame their rounds are only three minutes. Kimbo and Carano were there, saying they'd fight on CBS's next card, maybe in December. I enjoyed watching it for the most part, but it definitely had a B-level show feel to it.
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    Elite XC

    I saw it - great card. I liked Nick Diaz.


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