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    How are elbows perceived and used within your system?

    Southern Mantis is very particular about them. Rule #1 in SPM is that the elbows always have a tucked-in manner, downward-pointing when possible, in an attempt to mimic the insect's guard.

    In translating the mantid elbow to the human system, various factors got included. With the arms held out in front, the elbows fall onto the centreline (helped by turtleback/hollow chest).

    Built-in 2nd gate defense
    Here, they provide a cover for the heart. if an opponent's hand gets past my hand my forearm/elbow should catch it. If someone has hold of my shirtfront, I clear with my arm, putting the force in my elbow/forearm rather than trying to tear him off with my hand/wrist.

    Holding the elbows in makes you a smaller target, a more densely-packed target with all offensive weapons aimed at the opponent.

    Imagine the elbows are the centre of a clock-face and the hands are the clock's hands. You can see how rotation of the forearm around the elbow allows the practitioner to defend and attack from head to groin with very little movement.

    In SPM the elbows are a major focus for power - the emphasis that many styles put into the shoulder is reserved in mantis for the elbow. Many techniques work pivoting from the elbows like the hands of the clock or a helicopter's rotor. These mantis techniques remind one of a boxer's speedball practice except for the variety of techs performed and the direction/angles of them eg the arms can 'spin' in opposite directions. In moving forwards, the elbows descend into the opponent's centre of gravity, leaving the hands free to seize.

    Of course, there are elbow strikes with the arms bent like wings in which the elbows point out sideways but that is the exception. SPM = elbows pointing down.

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    In Baji the elbow is used together with bodydisplacement, power generated out of the hip and some other principles to generate more power.

    the most powerful technique uses a elbow in a upward manner, but still close to the body.You use whole your body for this one. the other hand you place near the solar plexus but your arm is bend in such a way that you can use an other elbowstrike with that one.
    our horsestance is a little higher then most other systems. because of this you can 'rotate' you upperbody more to deliver quick and hard elbowstrikes

    it's difficult to explain ( hey I'm belgian you know! )
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    Very much the same, although in Seven Star we are more erect. Plum Flower stands like you guys do with the hunched shoulders.

    "Punch comes from the floor" and "elbow controls the body" are sayings I am very familiar with (along with "Kirk, more effort!"). :D
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    In Choy Lay Fut, virtually all of my known elbow strikes are done by accelerating towards the opponent through usage of the horse stance. The elbows can be aimed up, down, or neutral, and can be swung around as well.
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    In Pak Mei we use our elbows quite diverse ways, in our forms they can be percieved to be used a counter, block, strike or even used to control our opponent, basically one movement to fit different situations.

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