Ed Arthur Ninja Choke/Cravat

Discussion in 'Brazilian Jiu Jitsu' started by Gripfighter, Oct 2, 2016.

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    I have had this choke in my head allot the last couple of weeks after Josh Barnett was talking about it on his instagram so I was buzzing to see UK MMA stand out Ed Arthur pull it off beautifully. It got me thinking why is it not more commonly taught as a single leg counter, can only find two videos on youtube covering it for this use and not just as a guillotine alternative, seems like a really great answer to a sloppy single (a pretty common thing in MMA/Sub grappling). I have been off the mats injured the last couple of weeks and not had the chance to experiment with it myself, maybe its far harder to pull off than it looks. It did however remind me of this excellent video of connection rio guests cross training with some Luta Livre guys who seem to have a very good handle on this technique.

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    Excellent choke! I'll be trying this.
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    I imagine its because unusual counters can only be used to sloppy wrestling, if your much better at wresting then they are.

    Get your leg out, snap down to neck attack seems a much safer route then keep your leg in, and hope their a worse wrestler then you.

    Saying that Ive rolled with a shooto trained guy who did it all the time, he did have very good wrestling though.
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    If chokes are involved the attacking wrestler is in almost as much danger as the person who's leg is being attacked if he is going to hang out in the single leg position to long and not complete the takedown. Espicelly if attacker is going too look at the floor instead of driving his forehead into the other wrestlers sternum. I see plenty of examples of single legs done in this manner, so there is room a choke like this could exploite is all I am saying.
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    That's exactly what I said, if your a better wrestler then they are, its viable, if not, then its not.

    I imagine a jon jones - style power guiloteen would fit nicely into that position too
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